VWC - Valinor Welcoming Committee

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Current version of the Beta group, DWC - Dransik Welcoming Committee. VWC is composed of volunteer veteran players who enjoy showing new players the ropes. The VWC guild is Dev created and GM run, a GM being the deed holder. New VWC members are chosen by the GMs from applicants and referrals.

VWC exists only on the starting island of Valinor. They have special green armor to help players identify them. That, their VWC tag and experience is all that makes them different from other players. They have no special powers and are given no special items or benefits. They will have a maximum overall level of 10 and 15 in skills, just like all other newbies on Valinor.

They are there exclusively to help new players figure things out and answer questions. They love to answer questions, so please feel free to ask!