Suri's Portal Quest

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This quest is vital to complete in order to obtain access to the rest of the SoC lands beyond Khufra Island.

North West of the city is a fishing village with two huts. The smaller one has a portal, but does nothing if you enter it. In order to enable it, talk to Nasif, he will send you on a three part quest:

1. Go and kill 75 locust swarms. Return to Nasif for next part.
2. Kill Undead Artonian Guardians until you get a quest item, the Magnetic Resonator:
The Tomb they are in is the one in the North West of the island directly above the double swamp. (54,3031,0) Stand in a side tombs and an Undead Guardian will spawn after about a minute. They are level 80 but not too difficult to kill by a character of the same level. After you have killed him, you will have about a minute to heal before the next one spawns. Keep killing until u get the Magnetic Resonator, dropped randomly. Return to Nasif and drop it on him and pickup the third part.
3. In the very South West are Fire Elementals, you kill them until you get a drop of a Fire Elemental Core. Take it backto Nasif, and he will invite you to test the portal.
The entire quest gives 450,000 epool.
The portal in Nasif's hut comes out on the northern tip of the island just visible from the south coast of the initial island. Walking back through takes you to the Portal on the very South west tip near the elementals spawn.