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The world of Dransik is very large and it can be a difficult task to navigate without some guides. The world maps show you the lay of the land and the location of majors towns. Locations of interest has extensive information about the towns, islands, settlements, and underground areas you can find yourself in while journeying. Beaches, forests, swamps, mountains, dark caves, snowy fields, sands, lava pits, and even giant mushroom caves can be found in the lands of Ashen Empires, which is perpetually in a time of spring.

Most travel is done by foot using the extensive network of dirt roads. As the world grew, however, this became a burden and so various portals were added throughout the world to make it easier to get around. Lotor's Summer Palace is the nexus for these portals. Most of the main cities will have a portal to Lotor's Summer Palace directly outside of town near a road.

  • Zoomable Map (by Sir Chris, zoomable version by Worc)
    • Highly recommended version, many thanks to Sir Chris and Worc for their hard work. This shows a very detailed map of Ashen Empires with oceans and names of towns and important locations. This is a MUST HAVE for any Ashen Empires player.

  • World Map DS,TR,SoC,ToF (by Sir Chris) World Map including all Expansions and Titles
    • This page has a full-scale version of Sir Chris' map that you can right click and save along with several others by him. However, some may be out-dated, not recommended for new players. New players please use the zoom-able map.

Older versions of maps:

Locations of interest

  • Including locations of NPCs, towns and other areas, information on same and some maps