Whisperdale Warg Quest

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Initiating the Quest

Venture to Whisperdale and talk to Periza. She usually is around the farm shop east of Whisperdale.

Conversation with Periza.


Ever heard of wargs? Foul beasts they are.


Periza: Several of them came into town and devoured my chickens.


Periza: If you would be so kind as to venture into the wilderness and extract some vengeance for me. I would be most grateful...


Periza: I might have a nice reward waiting for you if you do the job well...


QUEST RECEIVED: Kill 50 Wargs for Periza.

So, you have to kill 50 Wargs. The best spot is southeast from Parian, "the Warg pit". Kill 50 Wargs.

Finishing the quest

Return to Periza. She will reward you with 10,000 experience pool (11k, VIP, level 110) and an amulet (salvageable to 1 gold ingot, 120 gp). Stats:

Warg Eye Amulet


Protection: 7
Requires: Level 20+
Resists:  %1 Pierce
Gives stats: +1Dex & +1 Con
Weighs: 0 Pounds
Is worth in shop: 240 Gold