Varios's Quest

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General info about the quests

Varios's quest has two parts. In the first part you need to kill 25 shadows. In the second part you have to kill termigon queens until you find the timepiece of Varios. All the monsters for the quests can be found near Whisperdale.

The first part

The quest is fairly easy for a level 20. Shadows resist 50% blunt and the 25% the other weapons. Thats what makes them a little bit tougher to kill. In the area where the shadows spawn there are also some shambler and deep shadow spawns.

How to start the first part

Go to Whisperdale and talk to Varios. He is usually located in the centre of the town, west from the weapon/armor shop.

Conversation with Varios:

Varios: To the north there is a blight upon us!


Varios: An undead creature called a shadow roams the lands..


Varios: Travel the road leaving out of the city, find the hunting lodge to the north...


Varios: To the west of there, you will find these dregs...


Varios: Slay 25 of them before returning home!


QUEST RECEIVED: Kill 25 shadows for Varios.

Initiating the first part

Leave Whisperdale gates. Follow the road east until you see Autumn. Then go north until you see a spawn gate. Set the spawn. Start going northwest until you find the shadows.

Finishing the first part

When you have slain the 25 shadows go back to Whisperdale and talk to Varios. Conversation with Varios:

Varios: The are has been cleansed!


Varios: I will soon venture to the lodge to continue my hunts!


Varios: Take this gold as a sign of my appreciation!


QUEST COMPLETED: Kill 25 shadows for Varios.

He will reward you with 30k epool and experience.

The second part

This quest is pretty easy. It's way faster than the first one if you get lucky. The termigon queen is level 35, and can be easily killed with two level ~25.

Starting the second part

Talk to Varios again.

Varios: I just visited the hunting lodge, such a glorious place!


Varios: Perhaps you would like to help me with another matter?


Varios: To the east lies a hive of termigons. Their queen has taken my timepiece deep underground...


Varios: Find this hive, kill the queen and return my timepiece!


QUEST RECEIVED:Find the timepiece of Varios.

Varios wants you to get his timepiece back, which obviously is a clock of some sort. Termigon queens "drop" the timepiece. That means that when you kill enough termigon queens, you will get a message saying "You found the timepiece of Varios. Return to Varios in Whisperdale." There is no item called Timepiece of Varios.

Initiating the second part

Set the spawn to the portal north from Autumn again. This time dont go north, instead of that go south, to Autumn. From Autumn go east until you find a river. You should see a path over the river. Go over and then south until you see a mountain. Go west and then south. When you can, go east and you see a big area of termigons. Few of the holes lead underground. There is nothing interesting there. The termigon queen spawns somewhere around the area.

Finishing the second part

Go back to Varios in Whisperdale.

Varios: I just visited the hunting lodge, such a glorious place!

Varios: My friend Burslord and I spoke of your bravery!

Varios: You found my timepiece! Kuthos be praised!

Varios: Take this as a small token of my thanks for your service!

Varios: Go to the hunting lodge and speak with my friend Burslord. He may have work for you...

He rewards you with 38500 epool and 45000? gold