Valley of Resources Quest

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REQUIRES: Lotor's Pale Ale (Acquired from a pub)

This quest will begin in Khafra. At the pub in Khafra is a man named Malnassy. He is quite the alcoholic and before you can even speak with him, he requires a Lotor's Pale Ale. Once sufficiently inebriated, he gives you a story about how a servant of his was supposed to show him a land full of resources. Sounds great for a tradeskiller! So, let's help him out. You need to talk to him several times before he suggests you get him an ale.

Inside Man

First, we need to get into jail. Now the only one way to get into Jail without losing reputation, becoming criminal, or taking equipment damage is to walk up to the Dark Guards at Rahura and, without hitting back, let them kill you. You will most likely get 350 seconds in jail, which you can reduce by crushing rocks. Before that time runs out tho, we need to find our Mark.

Double Agent

Cibola is to be found wandering around the indoor section of the jail, typically on the Northern end of the prison (1556,605,1). His story is much different than Malnassy's story. He will send you to Jeel to find some evidence of treachery by Malnassy. This is located convienently in the chest behind the throne in the government building in Jeel.(333,863,0)


Return to Cibola with this and he will send you back to kill Malnassy. Go back to Khafra for the showdown in the desert. Malnassy is still in the bar, and isn't happy that you know all about his dirty secrets. Threatening you with a duel, you must go downstairs into the cellar thru the trapdoor to fight him. (Sometimes he's not here. If so, return and speak with him again.)

Malnassy is a Level 60 Boss, with 1700 health. Attack him using your best weapon, and just before he dies he will run away back up the ladder. Go back upstairs talk to him again, and he will send you back to Cibola.

Cibola will give you 250k epool and tell you of a mirror in Jeel Crypt. His directions can be difficult to follow. For a simpler route to the mirror portal, head to the Jeel crypt directly East of the town at the fork in the road. Head down into the crypt, heading West into stone catacombs. Mostly low-level monsters are here, but the portal is in the SW section of the stone catacombs with multiple routes to it.

Resource Valley is the area bounded by the mountain range that lies between the Mino maze and Valekars, with Vel Dran at the west end. Here you have 2 hours to mine brimidian, talenite, iron/thrall, chop heartwood, greater heartwood, forage, or farm, although the yield rate doesnt appear to be a lot higher than other areas. You may return approximately once every 8 hours.