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There are many quests to be found on Valinor island to help you get well equipped and get a ton of experience as a newbie. For reference, this map will be used. Note that this quest guide was written based on experiences in the Heroes server.

Weapon Trainers

There are many weapon trainers in the middle of Valinor Castle. These include archery, axe, blunt, crossbow, large blades, polearms, small blades and thrown weapon trainers.

Each trainer will offer quests to train in their respective weapon skill. Only one of these quests may be active at a time. Upon accepting the first quest, the trainer will give you a starter weapon and some ammunition (if applicable). Better weapons are awarded after completing a few quests for a given master. (See the links above for each trainer's tasks and rewards.)

Mage Trainers

There are four different schools of magic, each with their respective trainer. They are body, mind, nature, and soul. The mage trainers can be found down the stone stairs in Valinor castle in the room with all the other trainers. Each of them will offer quests to train their respective skill.

Upon accepting the first quest from any trainer, you will be presented with a Simple Wood Wand and a rune from that school of magic. Only one of these quests may be active at one time. Each trainer will give additional runes and equipment as more quests are completed. (See the links above for each trainers tasks and rewards.)

Non-Class Quests

Note that these are in no particular order other than the order that they could possibly be done in. This is not a recommendation of the order that they should be done in. You can do them in whatever order you please, unless otherwise noted.

Captain of the Guard and other Guards Quests

The captain of the guard is the guard in white that you pass by on your way out from the castle. His quests should definitely be done.

#1: Novice Killer of Vermin

Objective: Earn the title of Novice Killer of Vermin (25 kills)
Rewards: Boots of the Island Guard
Difficulty: Easy
This is a very easy quest. Leave the castle and kill an assortment of 25 bats, triddles, snakes, etc roaming around the castle. When you attain the title, you will be notified in your chat window. At this point, you return to Captain of the Guard.

#2: Report to Calaway

2 part quest
Objective: Report to Calaway
Rewards: 200 experience, 400 experience
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Follow the path south from Valinor castle to the small outpost a bit to the west. You will receive 200 experience. He will tell you to speak to Sergeant Dawson, who is further down the path south, by a burning bridge. He will tell you to return to the Captain of the Guard, and you will be given 400 more experience.

#3: Novice Killer of Goblins

Objective: Obtain the title of Novice Killer of Goblins (25 kills)
Rewards: None, allows progress in Guard quests
Difficulty: Medium
Description: It's right there in black and white. Kill 25 goblins of any kind to obtain the title of Novice Killer of Goblins and return to Captain of the Guard. Goblins can be a pain at a low level, but nothing that can't be handled with very little effort.

#4: The Goblin Raid


Objective: Report to Guard Calaway for the goblin raid.
Rewards: Helm of the Island Guard, 1000 experience.
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Go see Calaway at the small outpost. He will give you a Helm of the Island Guard and tell you about the raid on the goblins. Guards will assemble outside and begin moving south. You can go to the bridge and wait if you want. Goblins will advance across the bridge, but the guards can pretty much handle this even without your help, so it's mostly going for a walk with the guards. Follow the guards south. There will be a major spawn of goblin runts:

Either kill 'em all or run and then return to the Guard back up north to claim your 1000 experience.

#5: East Gate

Objective: Report to the East Gate
Rewards: None
Difficulty: Boring
Description: Walk out of the castle and east along the path until you reach the gate. Talk to the East Gate Lieutenant.

#6: Novice Killer of Undead

This quest is given by the Eastern Gate Lieutenant
Objective: Earn the title of Novice Killer of the Undead (25 kills)
Rewards: 1200 experience
Difficulty: Medium
Description: Once again, at a low level the skeleton apprentices and zombies can be too much, but you don't even have to kill them (even though they still count). Just kill 25 of anything undead and return to East Gate Lieutenant for your reward.

#7: Bonesnarl

Objective: Kill Bonesnarl
Rewards: 4,500 Epool
Difficulty: Hard
Description: Some people say they can solo this, but almost everyone does it in groups. With a good group, this goes from hard to easy. Refer to the map for the location of Bonesnarl's lair.

Misc Quests

There are many other optional quests around Valinor. A couple of them are worth doing because they give you equipment, gold, or a good bit of experience.

Serina Wilcut

Location: Through the door to the right of the farming trainer
Objective: Kill 10 Dredge Spiders
Rewards: 100 gold
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Go down the wooden steps into the basement of the castle, and in the top corridors leading off to the left and right, you'll find dredge spiders. Kill 10 and return to Serina Wilcut.

Mary Locksley

Location: Valinor Castle: Courtyard
Objective: Gather 10 bat ears
Rewards: 200 experience, Bat Ear Necklace
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Go outside the castle and kill bats, and loot the bat ears until you have 10. Return to Mary and she'll craft you a Bat Ear Necklace.

Kumba Northern

Location: Valinor Castle: Courtyard
Objective: Retrieve Kumba's pendant, which was stolen by a spider
Rewards: Moth Riddled Cloak
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Go outside Valinor castle and kill spiders until you are told on the chat dialog that you found Kumba's pendant. Note that the pendant is not an item that can be picked up or seen. Return to Kumba for your cloak.

Roger Duncan

Location: West of Valinor castle, off the path
Objective: Get 10 venision steaks for Roger Duncan
Rewards: 600 experience, 3 Lesser Repair Potions
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Run around, find deer, kill them, and take their steaks. Gather 10 of them, and return to Roger Duncan. Note that he does not want them cooked.

Paula Duncan

Location: West of Valinor castle, off the path
Objective: Bring a goblin scalp to Paula Duncan
Rewards: Totem of the Wolf Pup (essential for warriors)
Difficulty: Medium
Description: Go south from the Duncan household and kill goblins until you see that you've gained a Goblin scalp. The scalp is not a tangible item. Return to Paula and she will reward you with Wolf Pup Totem, an item that increases your attack speed. Probably the best item you can take with you when you go to Mainland.

The Lost Ring: Shady looking man/Sarah Bent

Location: On the way to the East Gate
Objective: Recover Sarah Bent's lost ring.
Rewards: 100 experience, 50 gold, promise ring -> 400 experience & jealousy amulet
Difficulty: Easy
Description: This quest is all running. Talk to the Shady Looking Man on the way to the East gate, and he will tell you to recover a ring from the lockbox at the east gate. Go to the East gate and speak to the Lieutenant, who will tell you to get a signed receipt from the rings owner, Sarah Bent. Go find Sarah Bent in the lower room to the right of the farming trainer. After speaking to her, go back to the East gate for a 100 experience reward. Check the box and get the ring. Forget the shady looking man, take the ring straight to Sarah Bent. Drag the ring onto her, she will give you 50 gold and a promise ring. If you take the promise ring to 'A Young Maid' who generally resides in the southeast portion of the exterior wall, she will trade you the promise ring for 400 experience and a jealousy amulet.

Davey Logan

Location: Valinor Castle: Courtyard
Objective: Find Davey a new rattle
Rewards: 300 experience, spider silk leggings
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Kill snakes by the castle and they have a change to drop Davey's rattle, it's not looted so pay attention to your chat it will say something along the lines of "QUEST UPDATE: You found a rattle for Davey Logan".

Timothy Jager

Location: Valinor Castle: Courtyard
Objective: Find the missing supply crates
Rewards: 50 gold, 800 experience, Supply Runner's Belt
Difficulty: Easy
Description: It's nothing but a scavenger hunt. You've got to find the missing supply crates. When you find one, double click on it. Use this map to find the crates, they are indicated by red dots. The first crate is just north of the bridge leading to the goblins. The second crate is southwest of the bridge near Frump's lair, at the burned town. The third is to the northwest of the burnt town, just beyond the mountain at another destroyed building. Return to Timothy Jager for a reward.

Douglas Logan

Location: Valinor Castle Basement, down the wooden steps in a room on the left
Objective: Collect 10 triddle shells
Rewards: 400 experience, triddle shell armor
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Leave the castle and kill triddles until you've looted 10 triddle shells. Bring the shells back to Douglas and he'll give you new armor and some experience.

Crazy Hermit

This quest can be redone, but you only get runes after the first time, and no experience.
Prerequisite: Level 7 in a mage proficiency
Location: Directly east of East Gate, at a house
Objective: Collect 10 skulls from skeleton apprentices
Rewards: 2000 experience, rune of your choice
Difficulty: Medium
Description: Go find Skeleton Apprentices to the south of the Crazy Hermit's house, kill them, and loot their skulls. Find 10 of these skulls and return. The Skeleton apprentices are one of the toughest monsters on the island, so be wary in battling them.

A Strange Looking Man

Location: Easternmost part of an island, just off to the north of a bridge on a river that nearly cuts the eastern portion the island in half.
Objective: Gather 15 Strange Dust
Rewards: 1500 experience, Marsh Soaked Boots
Difficulty: Medium
Description: Go south from where you meet the man to the marsh and continue killing Marsh Lights until you've acquired 15 Strange Dust from them. This one is a pain in the ass because the Marsh lights are small, hard to click on, and can take a good bit of hits. They also don't drop the strange dust 100% of the time. Fighting them could be profitable, though, because they drop useful secondary runes that could help you do a whole lot more damage as a mage.

Lorlee Eclain

Prerequisite: Need to have the title of Hunter of the Undead
Location: West of the Marsh, through the small cut in the mountains, in the upper of two buildings in the middle of nowhere.
Objective: Gather 10 zombie skins
Rewards: 1000 experience, Zombie Skin Cloak
Difficulty: Medium
Description: Find and kill a bunch of zombies and loot the zombie skins they drop. The zombies can be found all over where the small skeletons and skeleton apprentices are (around the marsh and to the north). Return to Lorlee after gathering them for a Zombie Skin Cloak.

Imeral Lagost

Location: Down the first ladder into Frump's lair, at the burnt town.
Objective: Kill Frump
Rewards: Frump's Necklace
Difficulty: Hard
Description: If done alone, it's very hard. It's best to do it with a group, and have a mage with refresh tank Frump. Kill him and return to Imeral Lagost.