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Valinor Maps


Valinor Island

Maps created by Fabrir

Valinor - What is it?

Valinor Island is where you first open your eyes in the world of Dransik. You have apparently been washed ashore, naked for the most part, having survived some catastrophe.

Valinor Castle

The castle on Valinor Island is part of a map created for the Dransik Map Making Contest held in 2003. The winner of the contest was "Lorkos", and althought his map didn't make it into the game as a whole (this being the first prize), a tiny part -this castle- was eventually used as a tutorial for new characters. The statue in the castle's gardens was named after him.

What's special about it?

Valinor Island has many quests to help you get set up in your new world and develop your skills. Talk to all named NPCs; many of them will ask for your help and send you on a quest. Especially go back and speak to the Captain of the Guard. He will give you quests to obtain first the rank of Killer of Vermin and then Killer of Goblins. Once you have completed all his tasks, you will be great enough to pass through the east gate into the undead lands.

Can I duel there?

Regardless of server, Valinor Island is a no-pvp zone. Currently there is a portal which allows you to pass through to an arena viewing area on the mainland. There, the gods willing, you will see the heroes of the mainland, decked in their uber gear, duking it out for fame and glory!

How long can I stay?

You can stay on Valinor indefinitely, bearing in mind that the maximum overall level you can attain there is 10 and maximum in all skills of 15. You can continue to level skills once you're level 10 overall, but none of the experience gained in those skills will apply to your overall level. To leave Valinor for the mainland, you must be at least level 7 overall.

Valinor Items

All items available on Valinor can be used by non-subscribers except for a single item, the wood salvaging tools, which is marked TR and is only usable by a player with both a paid account and the Talazar's Revenge expansion. There are certain items which you may see on Valinor which do not naturally "drop" there and are a hold-over 1) on some old low level characters from years back before all new characters spawned on Valinor 2) were obtained through exploits which have since been repaired. Players are free to own such items but not to use for hunting. There are also some items which did drop "naturally" on Valinor during a period when "brown bear cubs" spawned in the arena viewing room. These latter items ARE considered OK to equip and use for hunting on Valinor.

Leaving Valinor

You speak to the Valinor Steward who is standing by the mainland portal in the north east part of town. He will ask you to choose a town which is where you will arrive after stepping through the portal.

**IMPORTANT NOTE**: This doesn't make you loyal to the town of your choice.

Silvest is the most popular choice for it has many good quests for low-level players.

Afterwards, you can choose your the town you will be loyal to by talking to a city Steward. Each town will add +1 to one attribute:

  • Silvest: +1 intelligence
  • Krog: +1 Strength
  • Whisperdale: +1 Dexterity

So what else?

Keep your eyes open for green characters with the tag "VWC". These are members of the Valinor Welcoming Committee - volunteer players there to help you figure things out and find your way around. There is also a "help" channel which you can join, where experienced players hang out to answer your questions.

Valinor Quests Guide

A guide to the quests can be found here: Valinor(Quests)

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