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Hey there Morganfey :),

I'd like to recommend that we use simple names for articles themselves. For example, I'm going to revert the chatting article back to it's original title of just Chatting. It's certainly fine to have more complicated titles that redirect to a simple article name, and I'll do that as well.

Note also, that whatever the article title is, you can have the linking text look however you'd like by using the | character.

Like this:
[[Chatting | Chatting, Channels & Tells]]
Looks like:
Chatting, Channels & Tells
But it links to the article Chatting

The reasoning for this is that long article names are more difficult to type and remember. Some characters don't always work right like the & sign.

Johorne | Talk 09:56, 11 Aug 2006 (PDT)

Fight the valiant fight...

We are like, the Wiki Warriors. :D

Who is your main character?

(Gee, helps if I sign this, doesn't it?)

- Auri | Talk

Hey Auri. I've seen you someplace on Legends a few times. I actually added a little bio about mehself recently: - click my name below. It takes a certain type of personality with librarian leanings to keep working on a wiki, I think.

- Morganfey 7:19AM (PDT) 8-17-08