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Would you mind having a small check on my sandbox, i have a small dilemma involving the carpentry items for each diff resource, it will all be explained if you take a look :) If you know how i can change the layout to work correctly I would be grateful for the help

I took a look at it, Drac - if the problem was the number of columns on the 'Resource Type' rows in the table then I've fixed it. Another alternative would be to use colspan like I've done in the following sample. Johorne | Talk 09:01, 3 Apr 2005 (PDT)
Resource Type
a b c d e

Im so sorry

I just found out about Raok on here, whilst idly browsing. I havent played AE for 18 months. Raok was a good friend to me and even used to chat to me on MSN. I wondered why I hadnt heard from him.

I cant tell you how sad I am, in fact im typing this with tears running down my cheeks.

He was one of the nicest guys i ever met. Im just stunned.

My sincerest condolences, He will be sadly missed. AE in whatever form it takes will never bee the same without him.

I had one of the best battles I ever had with him. He joined me one day in the big Termigon nest way down south east of Parian, the spawns got heavier and heavier, and we eventually ended up stood back to back, hacking and slashing. The spawns then just erupted into the likes we'd never seen before. Stood in the middle of the large Queens chamber, every single sqaure had a termigon on it, and all down the corridor. It was incredible. There was, literally, dozens and dozens of termigons spawning, continuousl.

His character got killed, he fought his way back into me, and it took him 30 minutes, then I died, and I also took 30 minutes to fight back in - we had gained some good drops in the previous two hours, and wer'nt goint to lose them! We then started to inch our way down the corridor, still packed solid with temigons. It was epic. You had to keep your finger on the arrow key to step into gaps created by dead termigons, otherwise they got in first and you stayed still. Eventually, we got round the corner and out. The entire battle tooks nearly four hours. We'd used almost 200 healing pots and walked out with with nearly 500,000 gp between us, as well as 10 helms.

That one single battle forged a friendship between us that lasted a long long time in game and over MSN. He could have left me there in that chamber to eventually be overwhelmed, as I would have been when my pots finally ran out, but he didnt, he just potted back up and came back in to make sure we both got out with all our treasure. A true battle companion. What an incredible player

I will miss him, even though I never met him IRL.

Theres nothing else left to say. The world has just become a less friendly place to be without Raok.


Article titles

Hi Johorne.

Not sure if I'm putting this in the right "talk".

Thanks for the info on the naming of Articles. Please feel free to improve anything I do. You won't be stepping on my toes at all. I am really a newbie at this "wiki" stuff and do appreciation enlightenment!

--Morganfey 16:19, 11 Aug 2006 (PDT)

Typically I think you would just respond on your own discussion page, where I left you the message. (So I'd be responsible for checking whether you'd replied or not.) Of course, posting here works as well :) Johorne | Talk 18:58, 11 Aug 2006 (PDT)


Awesome concept. I love putting in quest info. This will become the #1 AE source on the web. Keep up the good work!Bucourt127

Thanks Bucourt, your additions have been very welcome. For some reason, the concept hasn't really caught on for people. I think a lot of the people who like to do research have gone off and made their own pages. Or maybe I just haven't been diligent enough on forums (ie posting URLs in answer to people's questsion.) Anyway, tell your friends - and thanks for the fine work you've been doing.
Incidentally, if you participate on forums, or want to hand out URLs to specific articles, it might be handy to know that you can use simple URLs to get to an article like:
Also, four tildes ~~~~ will insert your username and time of edit. (It's an easy trick for editing talk pages.) If you want to have it insert something other than your username, edit your signature in preferences up at the top.
A nice simple nickname line might be as follows (not using Raw Signatures):
<nowiki></nowiki>]] — [[User:Bucourt127|Bucourt127]] | [[User talk:Bucourt127|Talk
This enables a link to your Userpage and Talk page. My nickname/sig also has a link to my main character profile now, the code for it looks like this:
<nowiki></nowiki>]] — [[User:Johorne|Johorne]]/([[User:Johorne/Saveena|Saveena]] | [[User talk:Johorne|Talk
Thanks again.
Johorne/(Saveena) | Talk 09:23, 29 Aug 2006 (PDT)

Disappearing Quests?

I wrote the Quest "criminal heads", and it doesnt appear in the quest page even though it is written there already when i go to edit. Every time I go through the main page to quests, its not there.

Are there two versions of the quest page? because i cant figure out why it doesnt show up from main page link but shows up other times.

Please fix. Bucourt127 22:24, 5 Sep 2006 (PDT)

The Crim Heads quest link is visible to me on that page. See my response to your discussion at Talk:Quest Guide - also refer to this page: wikipedia:Wikipedia:Bypass_your_cache.
Incidentally, it might be helpful to you to use the Watch Page feature. This would have informed you as soon I responded to your inquiry on Talk:Quest Guide page. Johorne/(Saveena) | Talk 06:30, 6 Sep 2006 (PDT)

Wiki Bug of some sort....

Hey Johorne,

There seems to be a rather annoying bug in the wiki... thought it might actually be a setting. If I create a page (say snake) it all pops up fine. However if I immediately go and try to edit this same page the changes don't seem to take effect for a long time. Any idea on that?

It's a known problem with how the wiki instructs web browsers to cache pages. The wiki needs to be upgraded to a newer version anyway - I've been hoping to get to that for a while now. In IE - tools - internet options - if you empty your cache - then reload a page, I think that will load a page correctly. The comment just above this one looks to have more specific intructions. Johorne/(Saveena) | Talk 10:19, 4 Mar 2007 (PST)

Wouldn't you know I figure that out just after I PM you, haha. Ctrl+f5 for Firefox does the same and everything works fine now. It was a bit frustrating not having changes come up, but I get it now :P . That's good though... I can continue editing without worrying :) *gets back to taking screenies of monsters he's fighting*

Empty Wiki Blues


I was thrilled when found the AE Wiki, but sadded by the lack of (in-depth) articles. So I have made it my mission to fill in as many articles as I possibly can!

I had a chat with Aurlai and she said that you haven't really had the time to update a lot of stuff on the Wiki and haven't had much help either.

I think I've come up with a solution. If you are interested in hearing about it, drop me a line. I am not yet of a high enough level to undertake my idea... but if you think it's a good one, I will definately pursue it as soon as I can.

...or... my Talk page =D

Ideas and such

Well initally my idea was to create a guild with the sole purpose of updating the wiki...

It's a more entertaining idea than you'd think. After all, think of all the quests and such you'd have to go on to update the wiki. :) And hunts would be a must -- the bestiary must be updated. Ranks within the guild would be based on the number of (accurate) articles members had completed; and there would be parties when the wiki had, say 500 pages.

However, it would be a long time before I am able to create and maintain a guild which would do well, so that idea will have to wait.

As it is, I have added the Quest Finder and have been continuously adding quests whenever I finish them. I am hoping that if we cannot be the source for informaton on items and creatures, then we can be the place to go for quest information. :)

-- Auri

Spammers! Halp!

The main page has been getting corrupted by spammers, just the last couple of days. What can we do?

--Morganfey 12:00, 23 March 2011 (PDT)


Hello, I was wondering if MorganFey and myself could possibly get admin rights of some kind to help combat the spammers. Also wondering if maybe we should restrict access for new accounts? If new users genuinely want to contribute we can be contacted. Thanks, Tower 15:24, 13 May 2011 (PDT)