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I started playing Ashen Empires when it was known as Dransik in October 2002. It was my first ever online game and I created Morgan Fey on the Dransik New World server, not knowing what "player vs. player" meant. By the time I did, I didn't want to start a new character on another server, had made friends and helped create the guild Templum Veritae (originally known as La Temple de Veritas. We thought it was Latin only to later find out it was some sort of Spang-Latin :p).

I played continuously on DNW which was changed to Primordia (for a while called Primordial Affliction) and then Heroes, when servers were merged so there were only two. I am a "carebear" at heart and in April 2008, moved along with about 20-30 other players from Heroes to Legends.

I've been making sporadic contributions to this wiki since 2005. It's a great thing and I hope it and Ashen Empires continue on into the distant future.