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I'm Jon Horne. I've started and am hosting this wiki for the time being.

I have two main characters in Ashen Empires: Saveena, a full-time leather crafter, and Satine, a magician and baker.

Raok is my dad in game and in real life. Together we've worked for a long time on (which used to be It is primarly a collection of maps of the underground areas of Ashen Empires that we have produced with the help of many AE players.

My Skin

/Test bestiary

Other Interesting Games

Voyage Century Online Spore C-evo FreeCiv FreeCol FreeOrion Utopia Visual Utopia

Games supposedly admired for crafting

ATITD Wurm Online Istaria (Horizon) Star Wars Galaxies Eve Ragnorok Online Silk Road EQ2 FFXI Saga of Ryzom Dofus Online Vanguard


PoT 233 4.85 48.04123711 20 97

Bed 353 7.5 47.06666667 20 150

Eld's Leather Price offers 4/13/2005

r hide 75
r leather
q hide 2500
q leather 3500
s hide 10000
s leather 15000
f hide 25000
f leather 35000


10k Grim of Isos, Kuthos, Ulthien
150k mglad legs
50k magic cestus
25k mleather armor
5k mhelm
10k mcgloves
25k mclegs
10k mcoif
10k mshield
10k frost helm
40k frost gaunts
400k VsL
100k SoArna
150k mplegs
500k ToA
2500k Spectral Robe
100k Foraging Smock
100k Fishing Vest
40k flail 5
40k hflail 5
40k war axe 5
200k war hammer 5
300k giant club 5
40k giant axe 2
100k great axe 4
100k great axe 5
150k axe 4
100k pole axe 3
25k staff sling 1
40k staff sling 2
200k boar spear 5
25k dirk 1
50k dirk 2
50k stiletto 1
50k short stiletta 2
100k falchion 3
30k sab 1
80k sab 3
300k sab 5
10k rap 1
20k rap 2
10k long sword 1
5k light xbow 1
10k heavy xbow 1
20k heavy xbow 2
100k small xbow 4
100k large xbow 5
100k heavy xbow 5