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We can discuss what the front page should look like here. Drop general suggestions here as well. Johorne | Talk 20:05, 13 Feb 2005 (PST)

multiple doctypes in some pages

If you check the source of the main page, you'll see that, for some reason, there are two doctype statements. -- Ghost of Choice

Yeah, I noticed this just b4 I left and didn't have time to fix. It's because I tried to implement HTMLTidy on the pages. I've removed that til I know a little more about it. Johorne | Talk 09:05, 3 Apr 2005 (PDT)

Hey, you guys need a new logo for the AEWiki? Is that to replace this round-square I see here at the top left of all the pages on this website? I have some skills with photoshop, I can make a new one if you like.

Yes, that would be cool. Johorne | Talk 16:41, 21 Jan 2006 (PST)
I see Excito has done a banner image. Looks pretty good to me. I'd still like a replacment for the corner logo that appears on each page. (the banner logo, even if clipped to AEWiki, would be too long.)

quest articles

Hey there, I've been gleaming some information regarding quests from this page and only later on I recognized that you guys had an issue about deriving information from other pages? So I'm wondering now if I was not supposed to do this, and if I have to complete the quests myself and post the information. Some of the quests I have actually done by myself but not all of the ones I have posted. On the other hand, is it fair use if I cite the source of the information on the article pages?

Well, some people don't copyright the info they publish. But as I recall Myke (the benefactor of the site in question), is one among several who explicit DO copyright their material. I interpret this to mean that you cannot quote his words. You have to write up the quests in your own words at least. Unless you get permission from the authors to quote and credit. Johorne | Talk 11:02, 7 Feb 2006 (PST)

Navigational Changes

Hey there :) Just joined, and I'll try to add things as I run across them and have time to.

Just wanted to ask for the following changes on the navigation menu (left side of screen).

Why not make it similar to what Ashen Empires or the Dragoneers or even Aaron Korr have going on their sites? It would be easier to navigate by subject rather than by the classic wiki form.

Generally, you're going to want to have the following headings:

  • Combat
  • Magic
  • Skills
  • Quests
  • Gameplay HowTo's
  • Story Info
  • Game Info (like history, current going ons, etc.)

Ultimately, the information here is fine. Getting to it, on the other hand, is a chore.

I'll look at that Nwellyn. I also need to upgrade the software version, so I'll be looking at some of the wiki internals more than usual soon anways. Unfortunately, I understand changing navigation to require manual customization, rather than just editing some special wiki page - so this may take a while. It will be nice if we had some other editors comment on the headings you've proposed, so we don't have to change them very much. Johorne/(Saveena) | Talk 23:04, 3 Sep 2006 (PDT)

I proposed a substantial change to the main layout of the first page. I based it on the above list of categories. Still has a ton of work to go, but let me know what you guys thing! User:Valesca

AE, TR and SoC logos.

I've uploaded the 3 expansion logos for use on the various monster and item pages. Please add these to the "expansion" area of any page that needs such a distinction. This way if someone clicks on the TR logo image for instance, they'll get a listing of all the TR exclusive content.

Ae exp.PNG Tr exp.PNG Soc exp.PNG


Would like to find a list of potions. How much healing potions heal, how much repairs repair, ect.

Some effects are available on the potion's pages: Alchemy
Johorne | Talk

Replaced Main Page

I replaced the mainpage with a new one. Most successful wikis that I've seen use tables instead of lists, so that was the primary focus of the update. I kept all of the old information, but changed them into a table format to add color and make navigation easier. I also propose that we make the normal text black instead of brown so it stands out better against the brown background, or we do an overhaul of the wiki's colorscheme. I am making these changes and proposals based on the opinions of several experienced players that have posted both here on the wiki and in-game and my own experiences as a new player trying to navigate this site. I am totally open for suggestions, editing or reversion to the previous version if the admins prefer it. This is a very rough idea for this new format, and it will need significant polishing.

-Valesca 8-18-2009

Requests for New or Updated Articles

Requests for New or Updated Articles

Combat Systems- Need tons of info added here

Magic- Needs info added

Skill Explanations- Needs info

Guides- Can import from other sources with author's permission. Leah has several.

AE Backstory- Do we need this? Was in the list of things to be added to navigation. I'm lukewarm, but if someone wants to add it I think it would benefit the wiki.

Talazar's Revenge- Needs added and filled in.

-Valesca 8/18/2009

Main Page reorganization

Hi. I think main page needs some simplification. As it is, part of content can´t even show in top part of screen.

Some Parts should be moved inside more general categories. Why have weapon guide outside a more general area of guides? Same for skills and magic. Many people look in the Wiki for info about quests, or maps, those areas are a little "hidden" in my opinion. Craft list should be more visible too, thats something players always ask for. Another thing is maps, general map and special maps like caves. With locations.

I will start doing it soon if I dont read here any answer.




I did a general re-order of things on the mainpage. I made a section for noobs, categorized things a little better (i think), and added some new links that may be helpful. I will say that i think the quest guides should be broken up better here, split up by universal quests and then expansions. Also, added a section for character/combat and tradeskilling and I want more in-depth guides for tradeskilling since many questions come about this. I'm not sure what to do with maps, i'm open to your suggestion though Worc.


I updated Combat systems and moved maps up and gave it it's own specific place at the top, and I also updated the links within that page and made it look more ordered. Feel free to edit as you see fit Worc.

SquallCentra 11/22/10

End-game weapons

Made a page about weapons commonly used through-out the AE community, not one of the thousands of weird weapons you get when you're leveling up--but the true bulk of AE gameplay and the items people farm for. End-Game Weapons I'm going to try and start another page with End-Game armor sets and stuff, but I don't think that will turn out very well--considering I hardly know anything about them. --Agonistes

I like your addition to the End-game weapons. Needs some updating and information regarding choices for the weapon but I like it alot. I'm thinking of combining weapons and armor into "character equipment" and put your End-game Weapons below it since that's what most people are after. I'll add a link to your page from Build types since weapons are reasons for the builds. Or maybe combine these pages.

-Squall Centra

Went in and edited the tables for better readability. I'm gathering more data about the weapons and additional weapons at the moment. I'm also uploading more pictures so we can have a full bank! :D


Spamming of Aewiki

I don't know if anyone is still here helping or not, but I'm still working. Updated the Combat skill section, eliminated weapons and armor pages cause they were useless. Updated magic guide stuff and Trade-skills list some. Going to start focusing on trade-skills pages for a bit for now. Main page looks clean and to-the-point for users that come here. -Squall Centra

Hi Squall.

Don't know when you made that post. I still work on the wiki. My special project is the locations of important NPCs in the world which ties in with quests, etc.. What we really need people to keep on top of at this time is the spam. I have tried to reach Johorne - the admin - but he seems to not be watching this thing at this time. So, we need to keep reviewing the new spam pages and editting and deleting all content. Also, must watch the first page because they periodically totally nerf it. Thank you. --Morganfey 22:17, 11 May 2011 (PDT)

Hey Morgan,

I wandered if you were still around. Glad to see you are. I've been sidetracked by levelling my chars atm, but my intention is to give full-blown guides to the tradeskilling page, and then go back to focusing on making better quest guides and updating a few. Glad to have someone here to work with. Let me know if you like/dislike any ideas or anything you're considering Squall

Hey Squall :)

These spammers periodically totally nerf the front page. Grrr. If you are interested in helping to squelch the spam, here's what you do. On the main page, left column, click "special pages". There, click "recent changes". That will show you anything that anybody has added, including your and my convos and any new spam pages. Unfortunately, all we can do to the spam pages is delete their content. So, when you get the page showing recent changes, click on a spam page, "edit", right click, "select all", "delete", "save page". The captcha is woosy; you just have to get the words sorta right and you're through.

At least they won't be getting what they are trying to get out of their spam, which is heightened search ranking. Glad to know you are helping with this, too. Your special project here will be great. PS: Looks like we also have "Tower" in here working, too. --Morganfey 07:21, 20 May 2011 (PDT)

Hi guys: I just came here because someone asked in game what was going on. I guess I havent been in Main page for a while, I go directly to other pages. It´s a pity someone is dumb enough to ruin other people´s work. I hope I can find how to revert to previous text, based on MF´s tip

Ok, I reverted to last page Squall saved. Now we have to come here often and check until that guy gives up. --Worc 21 May 2011

Unfortunately, it's not just one jerk. See this article: Spamming wikis is apparently "the thing to do" now. :<

Glad to see Worc back in here.

PS. In the course of wiping out spam pages, I noticed that our leader Johorne was in here 5/12 banning a few spammers! Yeay! --Morganfey 16:22, 24 May 2011 (PDT)

(Tower is another name of the same spammer) Sorry, maybe I made a mistake :(. It seems Tower was deleting spam, not making it. Look in Special pages/recent changes. A lot of hidden spam pages are there. How do we wipe them?

--Worc 28 May 2011

Yes, Tower is one of us and he's been very busy squashing spam. ;) Here are my suggestions for how to do this. Go to the "special pages" link on the left menu. "Recent changes" will only take you back 30 days. So, I have started checking the other links available on the "special pages" and have found that there are even "user" pages which are spam. All that we can do is "edit", "select all", "delete", "save", complete captcha(sort of). The page will still exist but the spammer will have lost what they hoped to gain - improved searchability. Our Leader is Johorne but he seems to be away, so that is all that us AE folk can do here, other than add information. --Morganfey 20:03, 28 May 2011 (PDT)

Go to "special pages" then "long pages". There are a lot of spam pages in there to deal with. I think I cleared any spam up through 1-40. --Morganfey 12:12, 30 May 2011 (PDT)

My method has been to go to special pages then all pages and sort alphabetically. I started at Z and i'm working my way to A. Tower 12:16, 30 May 2011 (PDT)

Very good plan. I will start working back from A. --Morganfey 11:01, 1 June 2011 (PDT)


Hey guys,

Wow, i almost don't know what to do now that I see everybody talking. Things been a little busy with me IRL, but back to work on AE again. I hope to hash out some more of the tradeskilling pages. I'll keep an eye out for spam too, check the special pages stuff like MF suggested. Before i went the difficult way of actually finding the spam on a page, then I just had to revert the history to our previous file. Seems like we have more work to do tho. I'll keep checking here too, if you want to get my attention.

--Squall Centra

It's good to see Belinth has joined us. Somehow it seems the spam has abated - maybe it only targets inactive sites? If so, we gotta keep this thing active!! --Morganfey 08:06, 15 June 2011 (PDT) Great to see you back Johorne and thanks so much. --Morganfey 21:24, 30 June 2011 (PDT)

CSS not working?

Hi all. It´s a good thing we can at least still see this good old Wiki. I can only see the text version (maybe it is just me). From a similar experience I had with a wiki I installed it seems there is an error with css and the wiki is no longer recognizing the styles. I hope someone still sees this, mainly Johorne that should be the only person with access to the configuration files.

I hope to hear from you soon :)

Worc | Talk 4 Aug 2014