Supplies for Fort Eastwatch

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Fort Eastwatch is run by Commander Garwyk. He needs you to help out by getting some supplies.


  • Talk to Commander Garwyk in the top of the Fort
  • Garwyk tells you to talk with Madison in Silvest, who may be able to help
  • Madison instructs you to talk with Foreman Drell in Cliffside Village
  • Foreman Drell agrees to help, but first you must do him a favor by retrieving an amulet lost in the Cliffside Mine
  • Kill spiders (not cave spiders) in the beginning of the mines until you receive a message that you have found the amulet
  • Foreman Drell will give you supplies to take back to Fort Eastwatch.


  • 2500xp & epool for retrieving the amulet
  • 1000xp & epool for delivering the supplies