Spore Summoner Quest

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On Werewolf Island, there is a Cave in the mountains surrounding the town. It is to the east of the town lycanth in a little inlet.

  • In the cave there is an old portal and an NPC miner: An Old Miner. Find a guide to take you through the first two levels and protect you at the third so you can talk with him.
  • He wonders where the portal leads and asks you to seek out a man called Terrance Jaffy in Parian. He is in the first house south of the eastern parian bank. Talk to him and he tells you that he thinks that the portal and the "were" problem are related. He asks you to find a Werewolf Matriarch Skull. Oh yeah... 50k exp for you!
  • Go back to werewolf island and kill Matriarchs until you get a quest completed notice. You have found the skull, now head back to Terrance in Parian. 150k exp for you!
  • Terrance sends you to find Darius Kyle in Arda to deliver a potion recipe. He is in the room north of the magic and potions shop. Deliver the recipe. 50k exp for you!
  • He gives you the potion and tells you to deliver it to Franklin Anders, on werewolf island. He lives in the hut above the graveyard on the east side of Lycanth. Drag one Lycantropy pot to him. 150k exp for you!
  • He tells you that if you kill the spore summoner you might cure the "were" curse. The spore summoner is in the land through the portal in the cave (which you can now enter).
  • After killing Spore Summoner talk again to Franlin Anders. He tells you to find Trevor Jopkins. This will be another quest on his own, the Trevor Jopkins quest.

Old Miner > Terrance Jaffy > Darius Kyle > Franklin Anders > Spore Summoner > Franklin Anders > (Trevor Jopkins)