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Spawngates, created by Ulthien Goddess of Light, are most important to all who adventure in the lands of Dransik. If you are slain (either by the claw of a monster or the hand of your fellow kinsmen) your body is regenerated at your chosen spawngate. It is very important that your spawngate is set to an area close to where you will be hunting in the unfortunate event of your death (hence the phrase: Mark your gates!)

All items you are wearing or wielding are transported to your new body. There is a chance, based on your reputation, of losing an item in transport. All of the rest of your possessions remain at the place of your demise. That location is marked on your automap with an X. You must return there within a few minutes to recover your possessions. After that time, others are permitted to loot your remains.

There are two types of gates. Normally, you regenerate at the last blue spawngate that you selected. However, if you are slain while criminal, or wanted by the law, then you regenerate at a black spawngate -- also called a Chaos Gate.


When you are born, you automatically respawn in your patron's hall until you choose a spawngate. If you travel, you may select another spawngate by standing next to it and clicking on it.

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Blue Spawngates:

Black Spawngates:

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