Sozal Cave Quest

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Sozal stands outside a remote cave (Sozal Cave) on the coast north of Silvest and on the other side of the mountains from Cliffside Village (1126,1156). To reach the cave, find the mountain pass that lies west of the Kobold Castle. Head north through the pass and the west along the coast. You've gone too far if you begin to encounter Minotaurs (lvl 40). There is an alternate entrance into the mine just west of that pass.

Sozal will give you two quests in succession.

1. Kill 40 Cave Slugs (level 11, about 150 hp) Rewards: 45,000 xp & epool

2. Kill 50 Cave spiders (level 8 125 hp) Rewards: 50,000 xp & epool and the Ring of Sozal.


Ring of Sozal


Protection: 8
Requires: -
Resists:  %4 Cut, 5% Nature, 3% Mind
Gives stats: +2 To all stats, +10HP
Weighs: 0 Pounds
Is worth in shop: 0 Gold

IMPORTANT: Both of these mobs are highly nature resistant, and can't be rooted, snared or thunderstriked. They can be both found in the cave.