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Part of the Skill List


The chance of successfully skinning an animal or monster is determined by the following formula:

50% + (Skinning/2) + (Dex/6)

That 50% figure for base chance of success may vary with monster level.

The number of hides (yield) you get from successfully skinning can range from 1-5/animal, or 2-10/animal with the Magic Skinning Knife. Average yield improves with skill but is based on an unknown randomizing formula. Yield seems to be affected by the level of monster being skinned.

Unlike the tradeskills of Blacksmithing and Wood Working, Leathercrafting has only 4 resources. So there are 4 types of hides players can skin: regular, quality, superior, and flawless. This means that all the skinnable monsters mostly yield regular hides when skinned.

There are significant Skinning levels at which new opportunities arrise.

  • at lvl 20 players may begin to use the Magic Skinning Knife (+20 skill, 2-10 yield)
  • at lvl 30 players have a small chance of skinning quality hides from Tier 1 skinnable animals
  • at lvl 45 players have a small chance of skinning superior hides from Tier 2 skinnable monsters
  • at lvl 70 players have a small chance of skinning flawless hides from Tier 3 skinnable monsters
  • at lvl 80 players have a chance of skinning wyvern sinews from wyverns (Only availible to those with the TR expansion pack)
  • at lvl 85 players have a small chance of skinning titan hides from Titan Scorpions, for Tomna quest. (Only available to those with the SOC expansion pack)
  • at lvl 90 players have a small chance of skinning salamander hides from Green or Red Salamanders. You must have access to Talazarian cave and you must be Talazarian or Neutral. You need level 90 skinning to start part 3 of Zebra skin quest - Patrick Darby
  • at lvl 100 players can skin dragons, using a special skinning knife?

Skinnable Monster Tiers

  • Tier 1
Snakes, Rams, Bulls, Wargs, Termigon Larvae, Bears, as well as Cats?, Dogs?, Rabbits, Sheep, Cows, Deer, Green Snakes, Wolves, and Bear Cubs. Newer ones include Injured minotaurs, Wolverines(TR), Wolverine Scavengers(TR), Wolverine Pack Leaders(TR), Black Adders.
  • Tier 2
Minions, Hell Hounds, Ogres, Minotaurs, and Floating Horrors
TR only: Dire wolves, Dire Wolf Pack leaders.
  • Tier 3
Death Tyrants, Horned Demons, Hellspawn,and Demons
TR only: Snow Terrors(TR), Ice Demons(TR)

Skinning Locations

  • Wargs
    • W of Ethera Palace
    • S of Josody
    • SE of Parian
    • NE of Vrethpool (in the Orc Fort)
    • S of Hothbra
  • Snakes
    • W of Silvest/ Black Adders in Snake Pit
    • NE of Jeel
    • E of Maraket
    • E of Whisperdale (just outside of town)
    • S of Grell (undergound)
  • Sheep
    • E of Redwake
    • S of Josody
  • Cows
    • S of Hothbra
    • SE of Samad
    • SW of Silvest
    • S of Jeel

  • Minos
    • W of Parian in Tserith mines (a.k.a Minotaur Maze) and outlying areas
    • NE of Chlera
    • S of Chlera
    • N of Lopal
    • N of Jeel
    • Mirthiks minotaur cellar, accessed from cave E of Jeel
  • Ogres
    • S of Grell (above ground)
    • N of Lopal (valley of the Orc Fort)
    • E of Maraket
    • Underneath Desprail
    • NE of Silvest
    • E of NK
  • Minions
    • Scorched Island
    • Vel Dran cave
    • Hell and surrounding Hell portal SW of Vrethpool

  • Death Tyrants
    • N of Parian
  • Horned Demons
    • Crypt of Ryonkah
    • Underneath Lopal
    • Hell
    • Guild Quest Valley
    • Through Demon portal inside Minotaur maze