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Skills Intro

Unlike many typical MMORPGs, Ashen Empires has no set class system. This gives each player tremendous flexibility in creating their own character. Any character can learn any combination of any skills. That said, different attributes will determine how effective a character is at each skill, so generally players focus on a certain set of complimentary skills and attributes. When players discuss classes, they are generally discussing specific attribute/skill builds which have developed names, rather than a pre-determined class. Skills are broken down into two major categories: combat skills and trade skills, and this page will discuss in detail the different trade-skills and intimacies of each one.

Tradeskills are broken into 10 major categories with some sub-categories. Each skill will have it's own salvaging skill, which entails taking resources you've created and using tools to acquire small amounts of resources from these supplies by destroying them. Let's list them for you in detail:

  • Cooking
    • Mixing
    • Roasting
    • Baking
    • Brewing

Trade Skills

Task Master.png

Each skill can be very difficult to learn. Each subheading has it's own link that if you click, will direct you to the detailed page of each tradeskill and advice on levelling each one. As you advance along each skill, you'll be able to create greater things or in more quantity for some things.

Tradeskills, except for leadership, can't be epooled. They have to be earned the hard way.... or if you're a VIP member then you can use what's called a Task Master. They are located in Lotor's Summer Palace.