Sir William's Quest

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This used to be a very easy starter quest, but the Demon Spire update populated the cave involved with level 20 Dark mages, making it a lot harder to complete.

Cliffside Village is the small village north of Silvest. Find the NPC Young William, he usually lives in the building on your right (south) as you enter the village.

Talk to him and agree to find his missing father in the Silvest Mines (entry at 1009,1108). Exit the village and follow the path west, then turn north. Once in the cave, try to head south and west. At a remote corner of the maze complex there is a wall unlike the rest of the cave that you can walk through (at location 945, 1179) and into a brick passageway. Go down and find the room at the end of the hall. Almost in the south east corner (hidden by the wall until you walk into that corner) is the body of his father.

Click the body and return to Young William, telling him his father died a hero for about 2,000 xp & epool.