Silvest Patron Quest

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This quest is the Patron Quest for the starting town of Silvest on Krythan Island. To start this quest, you must first speak with the Silvest Steward (1129, 1340) who stands guard near the city's spawn gate. He asks you which of three cities you would like to ally with; if you choose Silvest you can take this quest. You can only align once and you can only do one Patron Quest. City Alignment also determines which "free" orb you will get. If you choose Silvest you will get one orb in Wisdom.

After you have spoken to the Steward, Lord Aelfwyn will ask you to help him in the battle against the evil that Talazar has spread across the lands. He assigns you random tasks, such as "Slay 25 Spiders." These tasks are based on your level. Each time you complete the quest you get a certain number of city faction points, which determine what pieces of the armor you are to pick up. His sister, the Lady Aelfwyn who resides in the Temple of Kuthos in Varg, is where you can get your armor.

Silvest Faction Armor:

  • Necklace of Silvest
  • Ring of Silvest
  • Gloves of Silvest
  • Belt of Silvest
  • Helm of Silvest
  • Boots of Silvest
  • Cloak of Silvest
  • Leggings of Silvest
  • Armor of Silvest

Total Set Bonuses: