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The Quest Finder is a tool created to help individuals and parties find the ideal quest to complete with regards to their levels, needs, location and time.

While using the quest finder, it is good to note the following: Quests with multiple parts are usually easier at the beginning; the levels listed below are the ones required to complete the whole quest. If you are near the suggested level of a multiple part quest, it might be good to check it out in case you can do the beginning parts more easily.

Also, the suggested levels below are simply that: suggestions. Remember that your gear, your weapon level, your spells and your food can all affect how able you are to complete a quest. If you start a quest listed here and feel that the level listed is too low/high, feel free to change it. Just remember to put your name in the 'updated' column!

Unless otherwise stated, all levels indicated here are a suggested minimum. All times indicated are measured in minutes and are averages. Your own experience will vary based on equipment, stats, level etc. Some quests may also give more experience than indicated.

This quest-finder is in testing mode. Hopefully it will turn into an easy way to reference quests by levels, experience and items.

Name Town Min. Solo Level Min. Party Level Experience E-Pool Gold Items Avg. Time Expansion Notes Updated By
Howard Kap's Son's Ring Silvest 8 6 55000 55000 10 Ae exp.PNG Cannot be completed until after Howard Kaps' Fire Ant Problem. Auri
Howard Kaps' Fire Ant Problem Silvest 7 5 25000 25000 2500 60 Ae exp.PNG Opens up additional quest, Howard Kap's Son's Ring. Auri
Karter Jons Kobold Quest Silvest 15 12 120000 120000 60 Ae exp.PNG Quest has multiple parts. Exp total listed. Auri
Kobold Chief Quest Krog 23 18 4000 4000 Dunaga's Hat 20 Ae exp.PNG Auri
Afflicted Tree Quest Krog 5 3 3600 3600 400 Naturalist Greaves 10 Ae exp.PNG Auri
Krog Fire Ant Quest Krog 7 5 2000 2000 Fire Ant Leg Bracer 30 Ae exp.PNG Auri
Oonga's Missing Pet Quest Krog 1 900 900 100 5 Ae exp.PNG Auri
Krog Sewer Quest Krog 17 13 4600 4600 40 Ae exp.PNG Quest has multiple parts. Exp total listed. Auri
Mutugchugugh Krog 18 15 5000 5000 Lamp of Isos
Potion of Cure Greater Disease (x1)
Potion of Cure Greater Poison (x1)
120 Ae exp.PNG Quest has multiple parts. Third part not yet completed. To be updated. Auri
Messenger: Krog to Arda Krog 10 10 3600 3600 10 Ae exp.PNG Quest may have glitch when NPC gives gold at end. Auri
Sozal's Cave Quest Silvest 10 7 95000 95000 Ring of Sozal 60 Ae exp.PNG Quest has multiple parts. Exp total listed. Auri
Varios's Quest Whisperdale 30 25 25000 25000 5000 60 Ae exp.PNG Quest has multiple parts and has yet to be completed. Exp totals to be updated. Auri
Whisperdale Warg Quest Whisperdale 12 10 10000 10000 Warg Eye Amulet 30 Ae exp.PNG Auri
Young William's Quest Cliffside Village 20 18 2000 2000 20 Ae exp.PNG Auri
Kobold King Quest Fort Eastwatch 25 20 15000 15000 Outpost Guard Leggings 60 Ae exp.PNG Auri
Dalvon Miner Note Quest Whisperdale 5 27000 27000 5 Ae exp.PNG Auri
Ben's Fishing Quest Valmond 1 12000 12000 Oyster Bucket
Casting Pole
Shargar's Dawat Quests Dawat 25 18 55000 55000 4250 Hero of Dawat 120 Ae exp.PNG Multiple parts. Total exp and rewards are listed. Auri
100 Ogres Quest Arda 30 25 43875 43875 Plate of the Golem 30 Ae exp.PNG Auri
Abbey Maid Quest Dawat 35 30 81250 81250 Boots of the Traveller 30 Ae exp.PNG Auri
75 Minotaurs Quest Dawat 35 30 81250 81250 20 Potions of Greater Healing 30 Ae exp.PNG Auri
50 Ghost Quest Dawat 18 15 25000 25000 Rusty Workers Shovel 20 Ae exp.PNG Auri
Hapuna's Lost Treasure Quest Dawat 40 40 81250 81250 Hapuna's Treasure 30 Ae exp.PNG Quest cannot be initiated until after level 40. Auri
50 Ettins Quest Chlera 15000 15000 0 None Ae exp.PNG Valasca
50 Golems Quest Desprail 100000 100000 0 None Ae exp.PNG Valasca
100 Golems Quest Arda 42000 42000 0 Plate of the Golem Ae exp.PNG Valasca

100 Ettins Quest Vrethpool Ae exp.PNG Page needs more info Valasca
Criminal Heads Arda Varies Varies Varies None Ae exp.PNG See page for gold/xp info Valasca
Dalvon Miners Quest Eastwatch 30 20 162500 162500 0 Gemstone of Davlon, Dalvon Miners Ring Ae exp.PNG 3 part quest, need a party for last boss Valasca
Mushroom Land Quest Eastwatch 60 1350000 1350000 0 None Ae exp.PNG 4 parts, long quest. Need a party for the last boss Valasca
Proudblood Traitor Quest Chlera Proudblood Crest Ae exp.PNG Must be a Master of Giants to start, extremely difficult to complete Valasca
Spore Summoner Quest Werewolf Island 400000 400000 Ae exp.PNG 5 part quest Valasca
Umbergon Quest Ethera Palace 50000 50000 Pegi's Pendant, Termigon Eye Ring Ae exp.PNG 2 part quest, both items are no-drop Valasca
Lotorian Alliance Quest Lotor's Summer Palace 12 1 0 0 0 Lotorian Badge 45 Ae exp.PNG Aligns you with the Lotorian Faction- giving access to any of their bonuses. Will take longer on Legends due to spawn difficulties Valasca
Jenkins boots Lotor's Summer Palace 25 17 0 0 0 Jenkin's Boots 20 Tof exp.png Valasca