Proudblood Traitor Quest

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This is a difficult quest because of the relative rarity of the objects you have to collect. Also, you cannot start this quest until you have killed sufficient Giants to become Master of Giants rank.

From Chlera, head west and follow the coats until you get to an island with a bridge. One there is a Storm Giant Eleite NPC called Proudblood Traitor. He asks you to get the heads of three brothers in Proudblood Valley, a valley totally enclosed by mountains, accessible only by the teleport on the island. He gives you a chest to put the heads in.

The three Brothers spawn at the south end of the valley, on different timers, and are called Cirrus Proudblood, Cumulus Proudblood and Stratus Proudblood. When you have killed all three (and it will take multiple visits over a period, because Stratus is on the longest timer and so much in demand that some people wait months to get him), take the head back to the Traitor. He gives you in return the Proudblood Crest.

Take the Proudblood Crest to an NPC in a cave North of the road near Dunmarrow (look for a trapdoor in the middle of the woods) called Arin McKelsey, he gives you a box to collect five trophies:

  1. Chugga Bam Bam - Chugga's Cracked Shield - an Orc Warrior spawns between orc fort south of Gulley and main south coast road.
  2. Ewwww - Ewww's Teeth - spawns just in the eastern approach to the mountain pass that leads to Redwake, the pass that is NE of Vezryl Lodge, on the other side of the same mountain. Keep killing the 4 or 5 Rock Trolls that spawn there and returning every hour to check.
  3. Oak Rot- Oak Rot Root - spawns at the small Dead Willow spawn just on the southern bank of the river, west of Vrethpool. Search the river bank and general area from Vrethpool to around a point at 400, 1640
  4. Snagglefang- Snagglefang's Claw - Place holder is a Werewolf Sire that spawns on the small patch of land south of the Werewolf Cave, east of the Town and west of the swamp mouth. Snagglefang is usually close to the small gap in the mountains
  5. Slobber Knocker - SlobberKnocker's Heart - an ettin that spawns on Ettin Island. To get to Ettin island, you have to run through the chaos spawn (if you're good, so the guards dont get you) SE of Vrethpool that leads to Lopal Island (evil town). In the bottom right hand corner or town, there's the corner of the Inn, and a door, leading to a room with a ladder. Down the ladder, and into a cave. Now, basically, just head north, following the windey tunnel and do not take any 'T' junction west or east, just follow the cave round and theres another ladder up a few minutes walk away that takes you to Ettin Island. Most of the spawn is Weakened Ettins, but theres 3 Ettins that spawn, one randomly is the placeholder for Slobber. Access could be tricky if the town is the opposite faction to you, though. If you have the Tides of Fate expansion, you can skip going through Lopal and use the dock on the south side of the island.