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Obelisks are special places where you can craft magical items or use more rare resources like brimidium ingots or heartwood planks or leather. From these you can make fine and balanced weapons (formerly called +3 and +4 weapons).

Keen and Polished weapons, (old +1 and +2 weapons) can be made anywhere if you have an Anvil of Veldan, or at blacksmith shop. For Superior Weapons ( old +5 weapons) you must go to another type of place called Rune Spire.

You can find a few obelisks scattered around map.

1. "Parian obelisk" - located in a small valley NE of Parian and Glutton lake

2. "North obelisk island" - located in a small island NE of Jeel. access is trough 2 caves with Mirthik island in the middle (coords: first cave entry-441 764 ; second cave hidden behind Mirthik´s house; obelisk- 503 567)

3. "South obelisk island" its located North of Desprail/ East of Josody. Access is trough haunting cave

4. "Hammerfist obelisk" located SE of Hammerfist. Safest access is from Farstead keep then following road that crosses the mountains to the East.

5. "Frost giants obelisk" - located NW of Hammerfist, in the middle of Frost Giant spawn.

6. "Tuhsenn obelisk ?" - needs confirmation

Mirthik Obelisk islands.jpg