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Welcome to Ashen Empires! This guide is here to get you started on the right foot with whatever type of character you would like to play. Deciding what kind of character you would prefer is completely personal preference. Some players prefer to "powergame" or get the most powerful character possible, and others like to play a character for personal preference or roleplay reasons. Whatever your decision, there is not right or wrong way to play AE!

Getting Started

The first decision you will be faced with in character creation is race. A complete explanation of bonuses and benefits for each race can be found on the races page. Each race is given a bonus to resistances, weapon skills or an increased maximum of an attribute, like HP or stamina. Race also determines what your character looks like and how they walk. Next you will be asked to pick a gender. Gender has no effect on any aspect of the game aside from appearance. Next you are given seven attribute points to distribute across the four major attributes in Ashen Empires, though you do not have to spend any of them at creation- they will carry into the game. There are other guides that can help you make the best decision for you located on the AE forums. More information on attributes can be found on their page on the wiki here. Even if you decide you do not like the attributes you picked, there is one free attribute reset on Valinor Island, so no pressure! The last decision to make is your name, then hit the Create button and you're in the game!

Valinor Island

Welcome to Valinor Island- home of the newbies! This is where every new character starts, and it is a safe area in which to learn how to play the game. Normal death penalties do not apply, and you do not have to compete with older players for resources. The only restrictions are that you cannot raise your base level past 10 or any trade or combat skills past level 15. The first step now will be to learn the basics. Most of those are explained in-game through Valinor Island itself, but if you would like more information the best way to learn the basics of is to go to the Game Mechanics section of the wiki. There you can look over things like movement, combat, chat and spell-casting. A more detailed explanation of what to be done on Valinor Island can be found on the Valinor section of the wiki. This section includes things such as boss locations and maps of the island. Speak with tradeskill trainers, weapon trainers or mage trainers to gain some guidance and extra experience and epool while you are on the island. A complete guide of Valinor quests can be found at Quest Guide#Valinor Island Quests. The most important quests are the Captain of the Guard quest and make sure you complete Paula Duncan's quest!. She can be found at a small house roughly halfway between Valinor castle and the ocean to the West, and she provides an unlimited-use item that increases your attack speed, called a Totem of the Wolf Pup. Once you feel comfortable with the game and are at least level 7, speak to the Valinor Steward who is standing by the mainland portal in the north east part of town. He will ask you to choose a town which is where you will arrive after stepping through the portal. The next section may help you in choosing which town to arrive at.

Arrival in Mainland!

Congratulations on making it this far! Now you have a new decision to make. Each character is given the opportunity to align with one of three major towns upon arrival on the mainland. Each town is associated with a different race, but you are not obligated to chose the town of your own race. Silvest, the home of the humans, will raise your intelligence by 1, and allow you to raise intelligence to a maximum of 101 (instead of the normal 100). Whisperdale, home of the elves, will raise your Dexterity by 1 and your maximum Dexterity to 101. Krog, home of the Orcs, will raise your strength by 1 and your maximum strength to 101. These raised maximums give your character an edge in that attribute over characters who specialized in a different attribute. Certain items also require an attribute to be at 101 to equip. Now that you are here, the game really begins. All of the Valinor level caps have been removed and you can begin your adventure on the mainland! Once you receive your first quest from your patron, make sure to go to the nearest spawn gate and speak with the town steward. He will align you with the town you have chosen, and provide the benefits described above. Navigating the mainland is done most effectively using [[[portals]]. You will find dozens of NPCs willing to offer quests and you are free to build your combat and tradeskills however you wish. Goodluck in Ashen Empires!