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Ashen Empires Wiki

We have 487 articles and counting...

We hope for this Ashen Empires Wiki, AE wiki, to become an exhaustive source of up-to-date information about the MMORPG Ashen Empires. We welcome all contributions, as our site still has growing to do.

 New Players

  • Combat Systems - A general explanation of combat in AE.
  • World of AE - Maps useful for AE & coordinates for NPCs & locations of interest
    • NPCs - Locations for quest & other important NPCs
  • PvP & PVE Combat - Info on combat for Legends and Heroes servers
 Character  Trade-Skills

  • Quest Finder- Find a quest based on level, area, loot, etc. (beta)
 Game Lore
  • AE Backstory- Learn about the history of the realms of AE.
  • Expansions- A list of expansions and what they provide
  • Site Map- For your navigation convenience
  • Game Mechanics- Movement, stats/orbs, chat, partying, etc.
  • Bestiary- List of all monsters in-game (Work in progress)
  • Items- Mostly links to sites with better lists
Other Useful Sites
  • Guides- Comprehensive list of new-player guides and how-to's
  • Ashen Empires Forums- Another detailed source of information
  • Dragoneer's Site- Some things are outdated, but a good resource
  • AE Auction- An excellent database for items and drop rates The site is no longer :'(
  • Help Us!- You too can help us! Click here to find out how!