Krog Sewer Quest

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The Krog Sewer Quest starts in the Krog Sewer located southwest of the town entrance at OS =3019, 3815 - IS=2999, 3655. After descending the ladder, you will find an NPC named Prudge. He tells you that the sewer always breaks and he gets blamed for the sludge that floods the western swamps. You ask him if the sewer is broken, and he tells you there are levers to pull to fix the flood, but because he doesn't like rats, he asks if you will help. You consent to help, but Prudge does not remember the order in which the levers need to be pulled. He suggests that you talk to his Aunt Rekant in Krog.

You will find Rekant upstairs in the provisioners shop. She says she is busy and asks what you want. Tell her you spoke with her nephew Prudge. She will tell you Prude is nothing but trouble and just like her husband Unga. She says Unga left her and went to Maraket to find work but never came back. Her friend Aloca says he has a new girl there. You ask her what this has to do with the sewer. She tells you that if you find out who Unga's girl friend is, she will help you with the sewer.

Proceed to Maraket and locate Unga. Unga will ask you if you want to make some gold. You say sure and he asks you to take a note to Teppu who ran away the previous night. He does not know where she is but bets she is still in town. Seach the town for Teppu. When she reads the note, she tells you that Unga wants to marry her. Tell her she is lucky and return to Unga for 100 experience points.

Return to Rekant to receive 500 experience points. She will tell you that her brother Wuhn(Krog, coords 3108 3793) helped build the sewer and he knows the exact order of the levers.

Locate Wuhn and he will tell you the order of the levers A-F-B-D-E-C. You must be careful to locate and pull these levers in the correct order or you will have to start over back at the first lever. Proceed west to the trap door. You will be plagued with spiders and snakes, but walk west and take the first right (north) to the room and click lever A. You will receive a message saying that the sound of flowing water seems to be lessening. Return south to the east-west hallway and proceed west until you must turn north. You will encounter some krog rats (lvl 11)here, but proceed north and follow the green line to first right (east) turn which will lead to the F lever room. Pull the lever and return west to the north-south passage. Continue north, west, south, west, north, and west into the B lever room. (Be careful to stay on the green line because there are holes on the edges that drop you into the caves below.) You will encounter Plague Toads (lvl 11) and lizardmen(lvl 8), Dragoons (lvl 11) here. Be carefull there are swamp slugs(lvl 25) and vicious molds(lvl 12) too.

Now proceed east, south, bypass next east, east, north, east, south, and west into the D lever room. Message = Flowing water is very faint.

Proceed east, north, west, south, west, south, and west into the E lever room. Message - Flowing water is almost nonexistent.

Take the ladder in the E room. Then proceed west, north and west into the C lever room. Pull the C lever for 2000 experience points. Message = The sound of flowing water ceases. Return to Prudge in the upper sewer. The fastest and safest way to return to Prudge is to take the ladder in the C room which exits at the Vorda Swamp. Proceed southeast to the Prudge in the sewer for 2000 experience points to end the quest.

If you fall into the caves, you must work your way east and south and east to the exit ladder. Taking this ladder will lead to a room with a secret exit (2921, 3656) to the west. Continuing west through this exit will lead you into the D room where you can return to the directions above.