Krog Arda Quest

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Difficulty (Solo): Level 10+
Time: 10 Mins.
Experience Gained: 3,600
Epool Gained: 3,600
Items / Gold: ???

The Ambassador to Krog within Targon Hall in Krog has received good news for his city. Lord Targon of Krog is interested in a vast irrigation project which would allow both settlements to benefit. He asks that you inform his partner, Asicrel in Arda of the good news.

Arda is on the other side of the mountains which surround Krog on the East side, so you will have to go around them to get there (or, transport yourself to Parian, which is just north of Arda, through Lotor's Summer Palace; the path is safe except for a few Orges [level 35]).

Asicrel can be found in a small courtyard in the western side of Arda (location: 3383, 3478). He is pleased to hear the good news and offers you a sum of gold* and you also receive 3,600 experience and epool.

* While the NPC mentioned gold, I did not receive any when I completed the quest. This may be a glitch.