Kobold King Quest

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General info about the quest

To solo the quest, you should be at least level 25. The Kobold Castle is filled with level 16 Kobold Brigands and the Kobold King, who is level 30 (he is not a boss, so he is pretty easy). The quest can be done with 2 level 20, though it can be done as level 15 with another level 15. Take a torch and, depending on your level, some healing potions.

Starting the quest

To start the quest, go to Fort Eastwatch and mark your spawngate. Fort Eastwatch is east from Silvest. When the spawn is set, go north. Travel between the lake and the mountains until you see a fort. It is the Kobold Castle. At the northeast corner of the fort you will find a cave snuck away in the mountains. In the cave talk to a man named Galen.

Discussion with Galen.

Galen: Greetings. Do ye wish to know of the kobolds?

  • -No-
  • -Yes -

Player: Yes.

Galen: If you want to get inside the kobold fort, there is another way.


Galen: Seek out the Silvest Mines.... Inside the windy caverns is a path which will take you underneath the kobold fort.


Galen: Head east and you shall surely find the way, though the path is hidden by secret walls...


Galen: Perhaps you would like to help me with a little Kobold problem?

  • -No-
  • -Yes -

Player: Yes.

Galen: Inside the kobold fort, lives the Kobold King. Slay him for me and I will reward thee!


QUEST RECEIVED: Kill the Kobold King!

Initiating the quest

The Kobold Castle is locked and can be only unlocked from the inside. Thats why you have to find another way in.

Although Galen advised you to go through Silvest Mines, there is an easier way. Go back to Fort Eastwatch. Go north along the coast until you find a camp of some sort (Krazak Cove). It's filled with Kobold Brigands. Near the dock there is a small hut. The door seems to be locked, but it isn't. Go through the door and down the ladder. It is quite dark inside the cave. Go south until the fork, then go west. You come upon what seems to be a wall, but the middle stone is a secret passage. Go through the first door you see and up the ladder (continuing to the next door will take you to the Silvest Mines). You now are inside the Kobold Castle. Go west, south and east. You should see a switch. It's your way out (a fast one). Be careful with the door. Once you turn the switch, the door will remain unopen for 5 seconds approximately. Now go north.

There are several Kobold Brigands in the antechamber. Once they have been dispatched head to the throne room. The Kobold King has about 3 or 4 Kobold Brigands for support. Kill the Kobold King!

    • Super-Spoiler: You don't have to go through the cave system at all. The northeast corner of the castle (right next to Galen's cave entrance) has a secret door in the north side - just a hole in the wall, really. You'll see Kobold Brigands periodically popping out of it. Take that entrance and move to the left and down. There is a door into the castle - if you linger around there, the King and his Brigand guard will come out to get you. The best part is that because you're in a tunnel, only two at a time can face you. Mission accomplished.

Finishing the quest

Leave the Kobold Castle using the switch. When you return to Galen he will reward you with 18,750 xp & epool and give you a key to open his chest. The key won't go into your backpack, it just exists. The chest is in the northwest part of the cave. Use the key to open the chest. You will get a pair of leggings.


Outpost Guard Leggins


Protection: 26
Requires: Level +20, Str +20
Resists: -
Gives stats: +2 Str, +4 Con, +20HP
Weighs: 6 Pounds
Is worth in shop: 3540 Gold