Karter Jons Kobold Quest

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Karter Jons stands on the paved area on the north of the the Northern Guard outpost directly north of Silvest (1112, 1240)

1. He tells you to go and kill 50 of the kobolds round the fort and lake to the east, and to the north west of Eastwatch. When complete he gives you 25,000 epool

2. Talk to him again; he will send you off the find 3 pages of the Kobold Invasion plans by killing Kobold Brigands. The only place to do this is right near the burning torches just south of the ruined Kobold fort, north-west of Eastwatch. A couple of Kobold Brigands will spawn by the torches about every 5 minutes. Hopefully you will kill enough to find the plans in 15-20 minutes. Another good place to find Brigands is within the fort's walls. Check the northeast corner tower - there is an entrance on the north side, hidden from view.

Also, if you enter the fort, you can hunt the brigands within without fear of creating a mob of kobolds and brigands. To reach inside the fort, head back to eastwatch. Just North of the town, if you follow the coast to the Northeast, you'll end up running North between the mountains and the coastline, and if you continue North you'll find Krazak Cove, an abandoned Town full of brigands. Inside the town is the entrance to the fort. On the southern coast of the town next to the docks is a small building with a ladder inside, head down into the caves below. When you're inside, follow my directions carefully. Go South to the first fork in the caves that go East and West. You want to go West, and go until you reach a concrete wall. In the wall is a small hole that you can go through. Inside, go to the first door, inside that room you'll find another ladder. Take that ladder up, and you'll be inside the kobold fort. Here, only brigands and the King spawn. The King can be powerful, but if you stay at top of the outer ring of the castle, only brigands will spawn. These WILL count toward your quest. Be careful, sometimes King detects the fight in the outer ring and comes after you if you go too close to South Gate. The gate is one way only, you pull the lever to open it. There is no way to open it from the exterior.

Each time you get a page of the plans, you'll receive a message in your chat window, so keep a watch out for it. When you return, you get 55,000 epool, and he will tell you the pages are unreadable and send you to Wilson Johnson in Hothbra.

3. Wilson is in the Inn at Hothbra (building top left ). He tells you to go to Guard Captain Lowes in Silvest, usually resident in the northern gate guardroom. Can be attempted again after failure, Captain Lowes will send you back to talk to Karter Jons, who will tell you to get some friends to help you. Return to talk to the Captain Lowes, and the swarm will come again. He will tell you that there is a Kobold attack taking place now, and you must kill 10 kobolds in the next 5 minutes. If you now run up the north path out of town, when you are clear of town about 25 kobolds will spawn round you. When you have killed 10, you get a message telling you to return to the guard captain. He will give you a further 40,000 epool, and raise your faction ranking by 500.