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This quest requires the Tides of Fate expansion. "QUEST RECEIVED: Discover what, or who, is behind the Pirate Goblins' strange behavior".

Quest Initiation

To begin this quest, talk to Crocker in Roycroft. Go west on path above bank and the entrance is at (2424,2424). Go down the ladder, then go to the south wall of this building cellar. Crocker tells you that there is no place worse than jail for a carpenter.He is in the Roycroft guard house because a kangaroo court wrongly convicted him of being involved in the strange doings of the local goblin pirates. These little ruffians have been waylaying travelers and relieving them of a leg - nothing else. Crocker has been making wooden legs for these poors cripples and that's how he got involved and jailed. He asks you to go kill goblin pirates to get to the bottom of their strange behavior.

Step 1: Kill Goblin Pirates

Goblin Pirates can be found most easily outside the West entrance of town. Kill goblin pirates until you get the message "You notice that this goblin's shoes are in excellent condition. They are stamped with the word 'Jenkins' on the bottom. You take the shoe from its right foot" and "QUEST UPDATE: You found what you think is a link to the Goblin's strange behavior". If you have not found it then a message will repeat that the goblin was stinky.

Step 2: Speak with several NPC's

After killing the goblin pirates, speak to Jenkins (2417,2392,0) (armor shop NW of bank). He will tell you "Why, no. I never speak to goblins. They're filthy! Are you trying accuse me of something? You say you found them wearing a pair of my shoes....that proves nothing. Not long ago they raided my shop! Ask Constable Hubert" (2456,2465,0).

Step 3: Speak with Constable Hubert

"QUEST RECEIVED: Speak with Constable Hubert about the raid on Jenkin's shoe shop" Constable Hubert: "So you think Jenkins is behind the goblin attacks? I do have to admit that I also find it to be a rather strange coincidence. However, I have to have concrete evidence before we take this matter further. Once already I have jailed an innocent man....Crocker the Carpenter. How do I know he's innocent? Easy. The mutilations are still happening."

Step 4: Go back and speak to Jenkins

(QUEST RECEIVED: Find evidence that Jenkins is behind the goblins' attacks" Jenksin: " The goblins nearly knocked me unconscious in the raid! They stole a month's supply of my shoes....but in their hurry, they only stole the left foot shoes. Painfully stupid, but even goblins recognize the fine quality of my work!"

Step 5: Return to Constable Hubert

Constable Hubert: "Ah ha! So he claimed the goblins only stole his left shoes. But this boot your brought from the goblins is from the RIGHT foot. I'll have to investigate this further, maybe whack a few goblins.... You have been most helpful in uncovering this shameless criminal! The least I can do is give you a pair of Jenkin's boots. He won't be running the store where he's going." He gives you Jenkins Boots -No Drop a/c 26 7% Blunt & Nature, 10% Disease, +8 str & dex, +5 con & int, +25 hp.