Inscription Rubbings

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The quest starts with Grimald Ironarm in Duremar. He is located in the basement beneath the NE potions shop.

He asks you to get inscription rubbings from the destroyed Temple of Isos.

The temple is on the left side of the mountain range south of Duremar, and is south southwest of Duremar. The temple is surrounded by ghouls and diseased ghouls. You'll see a destroyed piller in the middle of the temple, click on it, and you'll recieve a quest update telling you you've gotten the inscription rubbing and to return to Grimald Ironarm. Return to him and receive 15,000exp.

If you talk to Grimald again, he asks you for a rubbing from the Statue of Kuthos in Altergarde. Altergarde is NW of Duremar, and NE of Hammerfist(just follow road out of north hammerfist).

The Statue of Kuthos is in the NW edge of Altergarde. You have to follow a road into the mountain valley, curve around the orc miners and orc raiders, but its pretty easy to just run in and tag the statue. You'll receive a quest update again and then you head back to Grimald for 25,000exp.

The next thing Grimald asks you for is a rubbing from the Statue of the Demon Ilmyrr. This is in the town of Meroven (an evil town. either become nuetral or run really fast..i dont recommend running), and is on the SE side of the town right outside the Temple of Talazar. You will receive a quest update (again)

When you return to Grimald Ironarm you receive 50,000exp and you listen to him rant about revenge on Thomas Crosse. He tells you to go tell Crosse what he has done.

Thomas Crosse is in the temple of S Valmond. He yells at you for helping Grimald and then sends you to a man called Father Savos for information on the Abomination Ironarm has created. Father Savos is in the temple south of Valmond underneath the left mountain range by the river.

When you talk to Savos a creature called the CONSTRUCT (level 80 boss. take a friend if your not confident you can beat a level 80.) should spawn SE of the temple in the old ruins. Kill it. You receive Chest of Ironarm and a random magical item. NOTE: The Construct spawns as soon as you talk to Father Savos. Your best bet is to run east to the road and catch him on his way to Valmond. People usually run down to the Temple and look for him, by which time he is already to Valmond and there, gets slaughtered by the guards. That is why nobody can find him. Catch him on the road.

Return to Father Savos for 10,000exp.