Informer quest

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Speak to Syldure (in provisioner shop) - choose Money is no object - Find informer in Hothbra or Lotor's Castle - go to Hothbra and speak to Brother Temos outside of provision shop - He tells you to go to Varg and speak to the cook - In a room inside the inn is Cook Gammond, speak to him and say I hate to pry, but where do you get your fish? - Return to Syldure in Newtown - He says find Warrowdelt's Great Grandson whos hiding in a town nearby - He is in Roycroft by the name Copperbeard in the south section past the gate, near the docks - kill 50 guardians near Newtown mine (north-eastmost part on Newtown island) - Return to Copperbeard in Roycroft - Go back and speak to Syldure (receive Ring of Bells!)