Howard Kaps' Fire Ant Problem

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Howard Kap's and the Fire Ants

Nothing better for young adventurers fresh off of Valinor than to test the bite of their blade on some deserving Fire Ants (lvl 8). This is the first of two tasks that you can do for Howard Kaps, an NPC that roams the streets of Silvest.

The easiest place to find and kill the fire ants is a location North of Sylvest (approx. 1022,1260,0). Follow the road out of town to the North and continue off the road til you reach the mountains, then head directly West. Tucked agaisnt the mountain side is a dead tree surrounded by three ant holes, and here is a good spawn for them.

When you finish the quest, speak to him again to start the next quest involving search for Howard Kap's Son's Ring.

Objective: Kill 100 fire ants
Rewards: 25,000 Experience & Epool, with 2,500 Gold
Dialogue: "I went out for a stroll and came across a bed of fierce Fire Ants! The nest is to the northwest, near the mountains. To think our good town could be victimized by these pests. Help exterminate the mount by killing 100 of them for me. Remember - you must kill them in their nest."