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Making a New Page

To make a new page in the AE Wiki, erase the URL address line at the top of the screen back to the word and retype the name you wish for your new page Page Name. This will create a new page with that name for you to edit. Click on the Edit tab and type your new page information below. New pages are major edits. Type in a brief description of your page in the Summary box at the bottom of the edit screen. Click the Show preview button to view your work. If corrections need to be made just scroll down to make them. Once the page is complete, click the Save page button and you are done. Some pages need a special link typed in at the bottom to locate them appropriately in the wiki, . If you know this link, type it in. If not, another editor will notice it and locate the page appropriately.

Editing an Existing Page

To edit an existing page, you must first create an account and log in with your name and password. Next you must locate the page you wish to edit. Pressing the edit tab at the top of the page will present you with an editable copy below. Proceed to make whatever changes you wish. If it's a few simple corrections click the "This is a minor edit box." and briefly describe the nature of your change - spelling, grammar, link repairs, etc. If your changes are significant such as adding a new paragraph, briefly describe the paragraph you added in the Summary box. Click the Show preview button to view your changes. If additional changes need to be made just scroll down to make them. When your changes are complete click Save page and you are done.

Be aware that all pages and changes that you make will be examined by the site administrators and other Ashen Empire readers who may make changes to your work. The goal of the wiki is not to preserve individual writing styles as much as to provide accurate information regarding the game of Ashen Empires

More advanced help

Convert HTML to WIKI

There is some help from the software designers for readers of this type of Wiki as well as would be editors.

To link to other Wikis see MetaWikiPedia:Help:Interwiki linking. And reference our current interwiki map.

SPAM Patrol

See the discussion page on the main page Main Page Talk to find out how to help deal with SPAM.