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General Information

Harvesting is the third skill in the Agriculture field, and involves cutting or picking ripe fruits and vegetables which can in turn be used for a number of other skills, including Cooking, Baking, and Alchemy.

How to Harvest

The method of harvesting depends on the plant you are trying to harvest. You can either pick the food or use a scythe. If picking, stand next to the plant and left click on it. This can be somewhat difficult to do if there are many plants standing together. If you cannot pick the plant, you have to use a scythe which is the only way to increase your harvesting skill. Left click on the scythe to activate it; your cursor should change to a target. Left click on the plant you wish to harvest. Sometimes when you harvest with a scythe you also get seeds in addition to grain, which can be used again.

Once you are done harvesting, the plant will no longer be useful. After a period of time it will disappear, leaving the ground ready for new plants.

Harvesting Formula

Your success rate at harvesting depends on your harvesting level and how many orbs you have in Dexterity. There are certain items which you can use to increase your chance of success.

  • Outcome = Base% + (Harvesting/2) + (Dex/6)

Harvesting Items

  • Farmer's Ring (ring; protection 3, req lvl 20+; +2 harvesting)
  • Scythe of Ulthien (+20 harvesting)