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The Guild Arena is a large island north and west of Lotor's Castle where groups of players from 2 different guilds can come together to do battle. A large mountain chain rings the island with snow on the outside and green fields on the inside. A river cuts through the middle of the east side of the valley and circles around on the west side. There are three paths through the mountians, one north, south, and west.

Entering the guild arena is the same for both combatents and spectators. Enter the viewing area through one of the portals listed below. There, find the crystal ball. When you click on it, you will be taken to the holding cages. If you are the first member of your guild to use the crystal ball, you will be taken to the first available cage. If you aren't, you will be taken to the cage where your guild members are located. Only two guilds may participate at a time.

Once your guild has been assembled, pull the lever on the floor in the cage.

You have three minutes to throw the switch. If you haven't done so in three minutes, the match is declared forfeit. Once both times have thrown the switch, a 30 second timer starts. At the end of that timer the gates of the holding cages open and battle can commence! The arena will tell you how many members are on both teams.

Once the match is over, you are teleported a holding cell with a single portal. That portal takes you back to the spectator area, where you must walk through another portal which will take you to the viewing portal at Lotor's Castle. Your win or loss is recorded on your player character screen (aka paperdoll) for all to see.

The guild arena viewing area is a safe haven located in the middle of island. There are several portals throughout Dransik which afford access to this area; one in Parian, Dunmarrow, Lotor's Castle, and the criminal town of Desprail.

Portals to Guild Arena viewing:

Points of Interest:

  • North Gate (94, 1018)
  • West Gate (43, 1046)
  • South Gate (67, 1068)
  • TR Orb Reset NPC (Inside spectator viewing area)
  • Magic Portal (90, 1044)

Guild Arena Island
Parian Guild Portal
Dunmarrow Guild Portal
Lotor's Castle Guild Portal
Desprail Guild Portal