Frump the Cook

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Frump the Cook
Level 7
Monster Type Goblin
Resistances 50% ALL
Approx. HP 139-204
Damage Type 20-31
Solo no
Social Yes
Expansion AE

Frump the Cook is the easier of the two boss monsters on Valinor Island, him being level 7 and the other, BoneSnarl, being level 10.

Why to kill Frump?

Well, there are a few good reasons:


Valinor Island, The Goblin underground system(see the map for cave location).

Hunting Strategies

He is very fast and regenerates very fast. There are a few ways to kill him:

  • Group
    • If you're not level 10 yet, I'd advise you to kill him with a group of 4 or 5 one being a healer.
  • Solo(or with 2)
    • He can be solo'd. In order to do that, one should be level 10 and max in one's weapon skill and would have good items like Great Spear and Magic Cloth Pants (drops from BoneSnarl). It's always good to take a supply of potions with you when you're going for Frump.