Farming Trainer

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There's a Farming Trainer in the farming shop of town.

1. Talk to him and first he will request you to go find two tomato seeds and then give you a shovel, foraging stick and a farming scythe. You can find the seeds by foraging with your foraging stick. Click on the stick and then a patch of flowers or a random bush. When you return with the seeds he awards you 200 experience.

2. Talk to him again and he'll ask you to forage 5 orange seeds. Complete this quest for 400 experience.

3. Then he asks for 10 foraged cherry seeds. You will recieve 600 experience.

4. He then asks you to plant and harvest wheat. You need to bring him 10 wheat grain. Either forage for wheat seeds or try to buy some. Then dig holes, plant wheat, and then harvest the grain with your farming scythe. You will recieve 800 experience.

5. He next asks for one cinnamon bundle. You will recieve 1000 experience.

6. Kill the Goblin Farmer. He spawns in the center of the fields by town. You will recieve 1200 experience.