FAQs for Beginners

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If you have good answers to the following questions, write them below the question.

1. What is wrong with begging in game?

  • Begging people for money or items is annoying. It makes other players who would normally help you to ignore you. Most games are designed for even beginners to succeed with some effort and time. Building good characters takes time and effort. Asking questions about gameplay is a good thing. Using resources such as fansites like this one can also help you to improve your in-game experience.

2. How can I make money?

  • Collect all the items that drop from your prey and sell to the shops in town. Use tradeskills to create items to sell to other players or the corresponding shops in town. As you progress, you will be able to kill humanoid monsters who will drop gold pieces as well as items.

3. What is the best weapon for a beginning mage?

  • There is really no choice of mage weapon for a newbie mage. What sort of mage weapon you can use is governed by 1) your level in the skill of "mage weaponry" 2) if you are on Valinor or the Mainland. When you start on Valinor, you're given a little apprentice wand by your mage trainer along with a single class rune. This you use to kill monsters and boost your mage skills.

4. What is the best weapon for a beginning warrior?

  • All weapons are fairly balanced now. It's often a trade off of speed for "reach" (pole arms, ranged) or damage. Try all the classes and see which you are simply more comfortable with. Bows are a little tricky to start with, as you cannot "trap" monsters (they are smart now and if they can't reach you, they'll turn and run away) and your arrows can be "blocked" at close range.

5. What is the best weapon skill for PvP combat?

  • At the game's current stage of evolution, large blades combined with bows are popular.

6. What is the best spell/mage skill to use as a starting mage?

  • Body - it has the best healing spells (you need to keep yourself healed), it has some attack spells and you will be popular as a healer in parties.
  • Nature - it has healing spells (not as good as Body) as well as some nice attack spells.
  • Soul - it has the leech spell which heals you by damaging your enemy. However, many soul spells are DOT (damage over time) which means you must be strong enough to withstand damage from possibly several enemies while your spells work. You also will probably need to run quite a bit. (But, hey, that's the life of a mage!)
  • Mind - it has spells to boost your intelligence, and some very powerful damage spells, but it has no healing spells.

7. What is the best spell/mage skill for PvP combat?

  • Im not a mage nor am I a pker but the best skill seems to me to be soul, as this allows you to use the leech spell when you have evil alignment. This means you can remove enemy health whilst bolstering your own.