Ettin Island

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Ettin Island is a small island inhabited by Weakened Ettins (lvl 54) and the Ettin boss Sloberknocker. You must take an underground passage from Lopal to reach the island. The underground passage is inhabited with Floating Horrors (lvl 63), Wraiths (lvl 57) Cave Slugs (lvl 11), Cave Rats (lvl 9), and Cave Spiders (lvl 8).

Ladder between Lopal and underground passage: OS & IS=406, 2233

Trapdoor between underground passage and Ettin Island: OS=1682, 1767 - IS=441, 2071

Directions To get to the island, take the ladder that can be found in Lopal (406, 2233). Go south from the ladder and follow the passage. It will turn west; continue to go west at the fork (361, 2248), until you get to a large cave (316, 2246). There, follow the wall north until you reach another hall (296, 2227). Follow this north until you reach another large cave (293, 2203) and follow the wall of this cave east until you seem some cave spiders and another hall (314, 2166). This empty passage winds around for a ways until it reaches a fork (390, 2150), where you will turn north again. When you come to the next large cave (391, 2121) follow its east wall until you come to a small passage inhabited with floating horrors (408, 2099). Follow that passage north until the next fork (408, 2072), and head east where you will find the ladder up to Ettin Island.

Be careful not to take the Mine exit (426, 2292); it will dump you in the first level of the Krythan Crypt (1001, 1002) with no way to get back.

Sailing to Ettin Island

With Tides of Fate expansion there is a second and much faster way to get to Ettin Island. The island has a dock and you can use a ship to sail from any other port, the closest being New Royal, New Town and Silvest

AEA Bestiary:
Weakened Ettins - [1]
Wraiths - [2]
Floating Horrors - [3]
Cave Slugs - [4]
Cave Rats - [5]
Cave Spiders - [6]

Ladder from Lopal
Ettin Island