Dragon Land

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'== Key to Dragon Land =="

  • (Sands of Creation needs to be purchased for this quest!)

Location: South of Khafra Halfway south from Khafra on the island is a very large statue and in front of it is a lone dragon. Don't be afraid to talk to it, this is one of those 'friendly' dragons. Talk to him and he will talk in ancient language. He finds out you don't understand but will teach you if you get 10 Caiman Hearts for him.

You can go to the oases southwest from here or go to Rahura side for a larger spawn of Large Caimans. Only the large one drops the heart. Once you have gathered 10 Caiman Hearts for the Guardian, return to him and drop it on him. He'll gobble it right up. He won't teach you the language right here but instead he give you a strand of his hair off his back and he wants you to return with a Pure Crystal.

You wonder... how to turn a hair into pure crystal? Head back to Khafra or the nearest town that has a loom and you weave the hair on the loom. It will turn into Woven Dragon Hair Swatch if you succeed. If you failed to make the swatch, you'll have to go back to the guardian and tell him that you failed the test and collect 10 caiman hearts again to get another hair. Next, you must take the swatch to an obelisk (nearest one would be north of Parian) and you have to have level 30 leather working or greater to be able to turn that swatch into hardened dragon swatch. Then you got to go to a spire (nearest one would be Hell, or the more easier route, the spire near the portal to Northern Frost Giant Island) and have at least 30 iron forging level and forge the leather into a crystal mould and then finally use the jewellery tool in town or anywhere you want (use Mystical Jewellers Tools) and have at least 30 jewellery making skill level and turn that mould into a pure crystal. Take note that if you fail on any of these test, you will have to start all over again.

Turning in the pure crystal will give you a nice 150,000 experience pool points but it doesn't end here. The Guardian said that a giant, ten times the size of men, stole his heart. What you are looking for is a Large Gold Coin and it was very dear to this dragon. Head south from here to the coast to find a small spawn of Desert Giants and a rare noble. You need to kill the level 140 creature until you get the large gold coin and it shouldn't take you long to get either.

After you turn in the coin and get the 200,000 experience pool points, you will learn the first word of the ancient language and that is 'Egoth,' which translate into 'Honoured One'. To learn the rest, this no good dragon wants you to go venture south to the river of fire and kill the beast named Lava Mold to pass the test of flame. Lava Mold's not a friendly foe and he can pack a punch if you stand in front of him, so, ranged and some magery help will do the trick to defeating him.

You will be awarded 250,000 epool points and the next few words of the ancient language and that is 'Ugz jallgz og' which translates into 'please allow me.' And he gives you the next quest and that is to get the master of elementals rank. Getting a master in a rank is a total of 2500 kills. And there's two spawns where you can find those pesky elementals, at river if fire and underground river of fire. All of the elementals (fire, water, rock) count towards your rank, so get to slaying!

You will receive 300,000 experience pool points upon achieving the master rank of elementals and the next words of the ancient language 'sg moggreh' which translates into 'to pass.' He will tell you to go and find The Gatekeeper, another dragon and he can be found on Rahura island at the far north.

Find the Gatekeeper and when you click him, he will say something in the ancient language and you have to pick one of the 4 words. The first word to his question is 'Egoth.' Next word to select is 'Ugz jallgz og' and then finally 'sg moggreh.' You won't get anything for this but a free pass into dragon land!


1) 10 Caiman Hearts for the Guardian

2) Weave the hair on the loom and turn into Woven Dragon Hair Swatch

3) Use leatherworking to turn Woven Dragon Hair Swatch at obelisk into Hardened Woven Dragon Hair

4) Use forging at spire to turn Hardened Woven Dragon Hair into Dragon Crystal Mold

5) Use jewelry making to turn Dragon Crystal Mold into Pure Crystal

6) Collect gold coin from Desert Giants (these will continuing dropping after the quest is finished and are useless then)

7) Kill Lava Mold

8) Attain "Master of Elementals" by killing 2500 elementals

9) Visit Gate Keeper

10) Enter dragon land