Deliver False Shipping Order

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Start: Speak to Captain Abel (he's in the pub)(1384,2018,0)

Stage 1: Deliver fake orders to Xavier (2434,2506,0) in Roycroft. (he is in a building in the very south end of Roycroft) Reward: 20,000epool

Stage 2: Return to Abel

Stage 3: Speak to Little Jimmy (1379,1995,0) in middle of New Royale.

Stage 4: Speak with Scarlet (2435,2380,0) in Roycroft NW of town.

Stage 5: Return to Little Jimmy in New Royale.

Stage 6: Speak with Big Dan (1930,1940,0) in Newtown (east of bank).

Stage 7: Kill 50 Panthers near the Hulda mine

Stage 8: Speak with Captain Garland (1399,2522,0) in Josody (near dock in Josody)

Stage 9: Kill 50 Orcas

Stage 10: Speak to Garland again

Stage 11: Speak with Captain Lockheart (2635,2142,0) in Valmond (in a room on the right side of Provisioner Shop NW of east bank)

Stage 12: Foul the water wells in Newtown (1964,1949,0), (1906,1887,0), (1992,1918,0), (2014,1942,0), (1913,1952,0)(walk around Newtown in town only, they look just like normal wells and just click on them)

Stage 13: Return to Lockheart

Stage 14: Speak with Captain Wilhelm (2650,1650,0) in the crypt near Teylan (in little hut east of Teylan just follow road east)

Stage 15: Slay the demon Athropiniax (in Temple south SE of New Royale)

State 16: Return to Captain Wilheim

Stage 17: Speak with Captain Abel in New Royale

Stage 18: Take the offering to the Altar of the Maiden of Roycroft (statue on the eastern dock - Say Yes to the message!!!)

End: Return to Captain Abel for reward