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The Dalvon Miner NPC in Eastwatch

This was a new three part quest introduced in November 2007. The NPC that gives it out is the Dalvon Miner, who is located in Eastwatch. The Mine itself is located further south, the entrance being slightly east of the ruins in Undead Valley. This is nominally a level 20 dungeon, and the mobs in the mine are on two levels, and consist of Kobolds, Kobold Brigands, Kobold Miners and Kobold Foremen.

Part One

Kill 50 Kobold Miners. the reward is 62,500 experience and epool, as well as 10 Diamonds.

Part Two

Kill 50 Foremen. the foremen are around level 30 and fairly hard for a lower level characters to kill solo, best to do this in a party of three, preferably with a mage healing and some Oil of Restoration in case anyone dies. The reward for this part is another 50k epool and a cool amulet, the Gemstone of Davlon.

Part Three

Kill Master Blaster, a level 40 miniboss. He's 1200 health, and fairly hard to kill, you will definitely need help. He spawns every 100 mins approximately, but you will have to be persistent because most of the time a placeholder spawns, usually a Kobold mage, sometimes a Kobold Miner. Reward for this part is a final 50k epool and a ring, the Dalvon Miners Ring. Master Blaster also drops Dalvon Steel armour.

Master Blaster attackingStatsStats


Mine Map floor 1Mine Map floor 2

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