Criminal Heads

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This is an opportunity to earn large amounts of exp by finding criminal heads and turning them in.

Criminal heads are different from character heads, because the criminal heads are small and look like shrunken heads with some blood pooled around the neck.

These heads are found by killing randomly spawned, harmless looking, NPCs in the wilderness that are criminals. (have heard that they may spawn in towns too..) The only way to tell they are criminal is that they are in a secluded place and do not serve any purpose. They have a grey name, not flashing.

Kill the NPC (you will become wanted temperarily. stay away from towns until your name stops flashing grey)and in their corpse is a little head. Grab the head and head to Jail Island. (Jail Island is accessable through Lotor's Castle, walk in the portal se of castle entrance.)

On Jail Island, walk inside the building and walk up next to Sir Vantic. Pull the head from your back pack and drop it on him.

You will get a large exp pool and a sum of gold.

(recorded instances of xp were 35k, 52k, 70k and 100k experience) (recorded instances of gp were 50k gp and similar ammounts)