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Combat in Ashen Empires if relatively simple and yet has some depth to it once you get into the details. The basics to fighting are as simple as Hit Q to go into attack mode (changing your pointer from green to red), and then clicking on the monster you wish to attack. Weapons will have different ranges. Most melee weapons require you to be up close and personal with the mob, while most Polearms will allow you to be 2 steps away from the monster to attack it, which is nice in group attacks. Lastly, Bows, Crossbows, and Thrown Weapons allow for an entire screen away. If you can click it, you can attack it.

-How to initiate combat, and end combat as well as options to killing things (including spells that reduce hostility and NPCs that can protect)-

Weapon Damage

Each weapon will have it's own set damage. Many weapons will say they have high damage, but a slow rate of attack. It's best to find your preference, but my advice will be that the most critical number for any weapon will be what's called DPS, or Damage Per Second. It is listed on your character's screen while the weapon is equipped. You want this number as high as you can get it.

Also, all weapons have their own damage types. For instance, most swords will do cut damage, small blades will mostly do pierce damage, and blunt weapons do... blunt damage, obviously. This becomes important as you face monsters that are resistant or even immune to types of damage. For this reason, it's good to be adept with different types of weapons. There are ways to modify the damage done though.

If you right click a weapon, it will list details of the weapon and it will tell you in that information what type of damage the weapon does. If your weapon requires ammunition, then the ammunition can affect the type of damage being done. For instance, different ammo types for bows will do different damage to your enemy along with Arrow damage. This becomes very important when facing opponents resistant to arrow damage. Archers can overcome that resistance by equipping different types of ammo.

Magic Damage

Magic damage is fairly straight forward. Depending on which class of magic you attack with, you do that type of damage. For instance, body magic does body damage. While all types of magic have an attack though, not all of them perform equally. For a mage, the highest amount of damage done is with Mind magic which lacks a healing spell. So for high attack power, a mage sacrifices their healing ability while equipped for Mind magic.


Several factors play a role in evading an attack. Placing orbs in Dexterity will increase your ability to dodge attacks, so a higher dexterity is always good. There is also the dodge ability that you can have your character trained in for a high price from a few NPC's, as well as the Block ability which will help if equipped with a shield.

Damage Reduction

Several things help to reduce damage. First, your armor (often referred to as AC in-game) will help to reduce damage upon your character, and damaged armor, as in 392/425 hp, will lessen the amount of AC given to you. Repairing your armor back to it's full health, whether that's 500, 425, or even 10, will restore the item's full amount of AC given.

Resistance types and amounts are given with almost all armor. Since each monster you fight in-game will deal some type of damage, many players will "gear" for that type of damage. This means they'll use any armor that has resistance to that specific type of damage. Often times, AC and other resistances are sacrificed for higher resistance. However, losing AC means you will take more damage each hit. So, ideally you want to find a good balance between AC and resistance increases.