Combat Skills

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Combat Skills

Combat Skills are skills intended to damage either monsters or, in the case of PVP, other players (depending on the skill). To improve a player's efficiency in a combat skill, a player has two options: they can either use a weapon within the weapon skill, or they can spend from their Experience Pool (or E-Pool). The specifics of combat can be found on the Combat Systems page.

Weapon Skills

Weapon skill are fairly basic. The more you use that weapon type, the better and more efficient you become, which leads to the ability to use higher level weapons. They are easy to master, a player can use that certain weapon type or can use the E-Pool that they receive to advance their weapon level.

Advanced Skills

Advanced skills are special skills that can be bought from different NPCs in the world. These NPCs can be found in various Talazar's Revenge cities--Valmond, Hammerfist, Syldural, etc., and each skill must be purchased for 250,000 gold. The skills and their locations are as follows:
  • Block: Blocks an enemy attack when your shield is equipped - Locations: Meroven, Duremar, Syldural
  • Critical Blast: Occasional increased damage when attacking with a spell - Locations: Duremar, Syldural
  • Critical Heal: Occasional increases the amount of a healing spell - Locations: Hammerfist, Meroven
  • Critical Hit: Occasional increased melee/bow attack damage - Locations: Meroven, Duremar, Syldural
  • Dodge: The ability to occasionally dodge an enemy attack - Locations: Hammerfist, Ringhaven Citadel, Syldural
  • Double Attack: The ability to occasionally make two attacks in one - Locations: Valmond, Teylan, Syldural

106+ Advanced Skills

(Info from Erudite's Forum post:[Forum Post])

There are further advanced skills that can only be acquired for each level above 105. For instance, at 106 you can visit the Advanced Skill Trainer in Lotor's Summer Palace castle, to the right of the throne room. He'll give you 2-3 options per level you have achieved. Choose wisely, you can't redo them without buying a skill reset from the Pixel Mine Store.

Level 106

  • Health of the Ogre (Increases Max Base Hit Points)
  • Stamina of the Bull (Increases Max Base Stamina Pool)
  • Capacity of a Packmule (Increases Max Base Carrying Capacity)

Level 107

  • Speed of the Viper (Increases Base Attack Speed)
  • Wizard's Haste (Reduces Spell Cast Time)
  • Crafter's Precision (Lowers Crafting Failure Rate)

Level 108

  • Giant's Hammer (Increases Melee/Ranged Damage)
  • Mana of the Arch Wizard (Spell Stamina Cost Reduced)
  • Resistance of the Diseased Snake (Increases Resistance to Disease and Poison)

Level 109

  • Magic Shield (Increased Resistance to Spells)
  • ManaStorm (Increases Spell Damage)
  • Arch Crafter's Precision (Lowers Crafting Failure Rate, stacks with level 107C)

Level 110

  • Health of the Dragon (Increases Max Base Hit Points, stacks with level 106A)
  • Criminal's Folly (Increases Alignment Gain Recovery)
  • Backpack of the Packmule (Increases Backpack Size to 32 Slots)