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Welcome to Ashen Empires.

The first thing before we even get to begin in the world is character creation and it's handy to have in mind some information before starting the task. Don't worry if you already created a character, often we can adapt our characters or even start again if we're unhappy with our character.

After you pick your name, it's time to start personalizing your character. Pick a fun hairstyle for your character, skin color, and hair color. These don't necessarily affect anything than cosmetic appearance so have fun with it. After that, we get to pick our race.


There are 3 main races in Ashen Empires. Each race has it's own special advantages though, and that will affect our choices.

Char. Creation (Races).png

Night Elf - The Astari of the world. Agile and nimble, they are very adept with a ranged weapon.

  • Night Vision - They innately have increased vision at night, not requiring light sources in the dark.
  • Bonus Orbs - For every 20 levels they gain, they receive 1 bonus orb to Dexterity.
  • Elemental Resistance - They are granted an extra 5% resistance to all elemental damage (body, nature, mind, soul).
  • Nimble Fingers - They have +5 bonus to Bows, Crossbows, and Throw Weapon skills.
  • Armor Bonus - They are granted a 10% maximum bonus to armor.

Human - From the kingdom of Krythan, they are clever and smart showing increased skill with magic.

  • Bonus Orbs - For every 20 levels they gain, they receive 1 bonus orb to Intelligence.
  • Magic Arts - They have +5 bonus to spells (body, nature, mind, soul).
  • Quick Learner - They have a +10 bonus to Mage Weapons skill.
  • Stamina Bonus - They have a 10% maximum bonus to stamina.

Orc - Descendants of ancient invaders, they are prone to fighting and combat.

  • Bonus Orbs - For every 20 levels they gain, they receive 1 bonus orb to Strength.
  • Resistance - They have an innate resistance of 7% to disease and poison.
  • Thick Skin - They have an innate resistance of 3% to large and short blades.
  • Health Bonus - They have a 5% maximum bonus to health points.

Once you've picked your race, now you're faced with a choice that will affect your play the rest of the game. (Sort of, you can do an orb reset before leaving Valinor but you can only do it once....)

7 Orbs

You're granted 7 orbs to begin your future on the island, and your future on the mainland will be affected. You will gain 2 orbs every level until you reach level 105. After level 105, you will no longer be able to acquire orbs. That ultimately leaves you with the ability to max 2 stats at 100, and a 3rd stat at 30. (There is a way to acquire 1 orb for Str, Dex, or Int but that's not until you arrive on the mainland and you side with a town.) At this point, it's recommended to read the "Build-types" page under Character section because later in life these orbs can affect how you play the game.

Char. Creation (Orbs).png
  • Strength (STR)
    • Strength is important for melee fighters, most important actually. It affects damage with melee weapons, weight you can carry, and plays a role in acquiring resources for some tradeskills. If you're a warrior, this is a must-have stat.
  • Dexterity (DEX)
    • This is the bread and butter of archers. If you want any kind of ranged weapons (Bows, Crossbows, Thrown Weapons), this is where all your orbs will go. It will decide what weapons are available to you, your accuracy with them, and is a major component of trade-skills. It will also add armor points to you. You will receive 1 point of armor for 2 orbs in this stat. If you have interest in these avenues of play, this is the stat where you need to focus on.
  • Intelligence (INT)
    • This is your magic stat, plain and simple. It plays a role in your trade-skills but is primarily a mage's requirement. It will affect every spell in your arsenal, the higher the better. It can play a part in your amount of stamina you can have. If you interest in being a mage, stack all 7 orbs here.
  • Constitution (CON)
    • It's actually an important stat that often gets overlooked. It affects your health point amount, stamina, and how fast you regenerate your stamina. It can even help lessen damage placed upon you.

Once you've chosen your fate, it's time to put your character to the test. You will arrive on Valinor. There are many quests, and they are listed in the Valinor quests guide on the mainpage. Also, this is a learning area so don't be afraid to try anything you want here. Once you arrive on the mainland, things can be much less forgiving.

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