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The Dynamic Quest system was first introduced in September 2003 but is currently unavailable. In this system all of the NPC names and details of the quest are randomly generated based on groups of towns, items, and NPC types. There can be up to 32 stages in these quests, or as few as 1. The quest chains pull from the following options:

Types of Dynamic Quests:

  • Get an item from a town and return (where it's at is for the player to find)
  • Take an item to an NPC in a town
  • Take an NPC to another town (sometimes player is given choices as to which town)
  • Go to a town
  • Go see an NPC in another town

Other Quest Types

  • Static Quests have NPCs that never disappear and are in most cases not repeatable.
  • Scroll Drop Quests are scrolls that drop as loot in specific areas of the world that use NPCs in Lotor's Summer Palace.

Rumor has it that the Dynamic Quest system will be reintroduced some time in the very near future.

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