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There are many different types of builds that players are encouraged to plan for. Many new players don't plan ahead, and then later, after throwing orbs into random attributes, they regret their decisions when they reach higher levels. Hopefully, this isn't you and we can prepare you better for action. Here are a number of the most popular player builds, and why they are so popular. To get the best understanding of these builds, the weapons most commonly used by these builds is listed on the End-Game Weapons page. So, as you read about the build you find interesting, it's wise to check the weapons page to see which weapons are available for your build.



    • STR 100 / DEX 101 / CON 30

This is a warrior archer build, with a focus on the Rough Cedar Bow (or RCB), which has arguably one of the best Damage Per Second (DPS) of all the bows in game. They have the largest selection of weapons available to them including the Mace of Sacrifice and Sword of a Thousand Truths, and many end game weapons will require some amount of orbs that will be covered with this build. This is great for solo player builds since it offers a lot of armor and weapon types. The choice between 101 STR and 101 DEX is entirely up to the player! There are good reasons for both--namely, various warrior-oriented armors and weapons require the extra orb in STR, whereas more archer-oriented gear requires the orb in DEX.

The Purebred Archer

    • STR 30 / DEX 101 / INT 5 / CON 100

While the RCB (or STR/DEX) build has the ability to be an archer AND warrior, this build is for pure archers. By choosing this build, the player is severely limited in weapon and armor choices. There are some armor choices that one can using while levelling, but may be difficult to find. The weapons are very nice, especially at higher levels when the player can use the Archer's Quickshot Bow and Sekhet's Wrath. The AQB has the highest DPS of all archer weapons, and the gear at higher levels is very much worth the effort. Expect levelling, however, to be rather trialsome. Purebreeds tend to stay away from melee if they can, with most relying on common small blades.


The Battlemage

    • STR 100 / INT 101 / DEX 30

This build is chosen for hybrid mages that tend to stay on the offense. Mage gear and some warrior gear is opened up with this build, allowing characters to gear as if a warrior and have the range and damage of a mage. The 30 dex is chosen because this opens up the large blade Sword of a Thousand Truths, which is very sought after by many due to its regenerative healing special attack. Most Battlemages favor the Hammer of the Ancient Gods, a mighty hammer with seven runeslots for quick casting.

Dex Mage

    • STR 30 / DEX 101 / INT 100

This build is often customized to the player. This is a GREAT support build for hunting and PVP alike. The 30 STR is used for mainly tradeskillers since many resource gathering skills will require some STR. If the player wanted to do more hunting, the 30 CON opens up more gear and HP. It's up to you on that choice! The 101 DEX is highly recommended. It offers the Eagle Eye Order gear for 101 DEX and allows use of the IceHammer bow which is a good bow with magic slots. The high DEX and INT offer great turnovers when it comes to tradeskilling as well. Similarly, the Tyrian's Staff Sling offers slightly less DPS and six runeslots for improved casting, compared to the IceHammer's five slots and relatively better DPS.

Pure Mage

    • STR 5 / INT 101 / DEX 30 / CON 100

The Pure Mage, or CON Mage, is very upfront about what it does--obliterate monsters and players with a vast array of spells, while still being able to take a beating. Players can choose between 30 DEX or 30 STR, where the former offers increased AC, dodge ability, and to-hit with Magic Missiles, and the latter offers increased carrying capacity and melee damage with a staff equipped. Most Pure Mages rely on the Staff of Elemental Mastery for a weapon, with a seven-slot wand as a quick backup for buffing spells.


The Tank

    • STR 101 / DEX 30 / INT 5 / CON 100

This build is tailor-built for Zule's Blood Sword, a large blade. This blade has the highest DPS of all melee weapons in game, and the 100 CON means that this player can certainly take a beating. When geared correctly, this build will be very powerful. This build will struggle with tradeskills and like the DEX/CON build is limited in weapon choices. This is recommended for players who like to work with others, to be used as a tank for difficult bosses, and who love to rout mages and archers alike in combat.

The Ancient

    • STR 101 DEX 50 INT 5 CON 80

This build is not used as often as it probably should be. It has some tradeskill promise with maxed STR and some DEX. This build is primarily for one weapon in-game, Ancient Sword of Agon. The sword requires this orb-set. This is often overlooked since the sword, which is obtained in higher levels, is a 2-handed weapon and the player will forfeit use of a shield. This is sad because there is a very, very nice shield requiring 100 STR that this build can use. This build can use other swords, but will lack damage capabilities of the Agon with other weapons like the Mindflayer or Mace of Sacrifice. This is recommended for warrior type builds more than tradeskill builds.

The Zues

    • STR 101 DEX 80 INT 5 CON 50

This build was popularized by a player who lent his name to the build. Similar to an Agon-wielding warrior, this build is a bit of a hybrid between an archer and a tank. Instead of being able to use the Ancient Sword of Agon, however, this build makes use of the Cursestriker, an oft-overlooked bow with a relative DPS that is comparable to many higher-end bows. While the DPS is slightly lower, this build can make use of Dragonguard armor, which provides the wearer with greater health and resistances than many archers can acquire before end-game.